Bittrex Exchange is Back! Annnnnnd It’s Gone Again

Max Keiser: I Wouldn’t Be Surprised if George Soros Attempts to ‘Corner’ Bitcoin Market

Lightning Labs CEO Says We Are Entering A “Bitcoin, Not Blockchain, World”

Unveiling Blockstream’s 7 Lightning Apps (LApps)

Bitcoin Cash Gets the Axe – Kucoin Removes BCH Trading Pairs, Citing User Feedback

Can Minds Capitalize on Facebook’s Failures?

Intel Releases Patent for New Cryptocurrency Mining Accelerator

WannaCry Ransomware Strikes Boeing, Aviation Giant Says Situation Is Under Control

Bitcoin Developers Sharpen the Focus for Future Development

U.S. Postal Service Files Blockchain Patent

Number of Lightning Network Nodes Overtakes Bitcoin Cash Nodes

Google removes Coin Stats app from Play Store

Twitter Abruptly Bans Cryptocurrency Ads — Beginning Today

Russia May be Legalizing Crypto Payments as of May, 2018

Reddit Removes Bitcoin Payment Option, Censors Darknet Forum


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