Daily Bitcoin News offers non-invasive / non-annoying ad options for approved advertisers. Right now our ad prices are EXTREMELY inexpensive, so be sure to take advantage of this deal, now.

We are offering two kinds of ads right now, Site Wide Banner options, and One Time Paid "Forever" Single Line Links On Specific Pages:


Site Wide Banners:

If you would like to have a banner ad that shows up on every page on our website it is $50.00 per month per banner. You can have the choice of placement either on the side, top of page, bottom of page, or within the content. If you buy more than 2 banners each banner will be $40.00 per banner (minimum is 3 banners).

One Time Paid "Forever" Single Line Links On Specific Pages: 

This is our cheapest option where you pay a one time fee of $30.00 and you can specify where you would like a linked line advertisement on a specific news article page.


If you are interested we offer payments via Bitcoin, Paypal, Credit Card and Cash. Please inquire with your interest by sending us an email through our Contact Page.