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Updated: 17 min 30 sec ago A Great Investment Management Tool

6 hours 33 min ago

With, you will be able to access tools that assist you trade and invest in cryptocurrencies, all from one place. The tool can help you minimize your risks, grow profits, and limit losses as a result of bad trade decisions. It can also be used to assist you to find a performing portfolio. In general, it is a great tool for managing investments.

How does it work?

3commas will provide you with all the tools that you need to trade on crypto exchanges. For these tools to work, they will need to be connected to the exchange via an API. To ensure that your funds are not stolen, the API key permissions are set to allow only trade but not the withdrawal of funds. When you set up the API keys, do not forget to disable the withdrawal feature.

Setting up 3commas

To sign for 3commas, go to their sign up page. After signing up, you are provided access to all the analytical features. However, if you wish to trade using this tool, you must connect it to your exchange.

Understanding SmartTrading

With SmartTrading, you will be able to trade profitably. With this tool, you can utilize the TakeProfit and StopLoss features. In essence, you can choose investment decisions that are profitable for you while preventing any significant losses.

How do Portfolios Work on 3commas?

Portfolios provide you with the opportunity to analyze and purchase an investment portfolio of cryptocurrencies. This is a type of passive investment when you buy tokens and hold onto them long term as you wait for their value to rise.

How to Invest in a Portfolio

You can either find an existing portfolio that looks profitable, or you can create your own. When a portfolio is created, or you choose one created by someone, you can begin to analyze its performance. You can then save the portfolio and follow how it performs.

After you find the right portfolio and choose to buy it, ensure that you press Apply to exchange- ALL(!). The balance in your account will be utilized to make purchases of tokens in a specified manner. You can also analyze portfolios created by others and buy by clicking “Apply”.

Do you like the 3commas tool? Is it something you would consider using? Tell us more in the comment section below.

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An Insight into the SkillGaming Market

6 hours 40 min ago

Still, the growing popularity of computer games not only supports the development of the computer game industry, but also stimulates developers to continuously search for new game solutions and profit sources.

The rapid creation of mobile applications and new gaming platforms has made it possible to call the mobile sphere the most significant digital gaming platform, with its revenues in 2016 exceeding the former leading segment of the PC games. According to the marketing research by Newzoo, 2017, the mobile segment will account for 42% of the global game market revenue, which equals to $ 46.1 billion. The undying interest to computer games is what lies behind the drive of the constant creation of new game genres and styles (for example, such as Battle Royale, Skill Gaming, etc.). The expectation is that by 2020, the world’s game market will have reached $ 128.5 billion, where $ 64.9 billion will be attributed to the mobile games segment.

In the regional context, the Asia-Pacific Region countries continue to dominate the game industry, comprising 47% of the industry. China solely accounts for slightly less than a quarter of the world’s gaming revenues, which outruns the US and exceeds the same figure for Japan twice. According to the preliminary data, gamers will generate a global revenue of $ 108.9 billion in 2017, which is higher than the figures on 2016 by 7.8%.

Rapidly gaining ground Skill Gaming PvP games seem to strengthen their position in the near future. According to some experts, the Skill Gaming share of mobile gaming accounts for about 5-6%, which equalled $2,3 billion in 2016. Moreover, it is expected that Skill Gaming market volume will have reached $3,9 billion by 2020.


Online Skill Gaming platforms, existing at the moment, have adequate liquidity in terms of the number of players. They are also at relatively low risk as compared to traditional sports betting, which explains the constantly increasing number of such websites. It should be noted that most of the online Skill Gaming websites are only present at local markets and target their local audience, which means that PlayHall platform will have the opportunity to enter free foreign markets, satisfy the demand and scale up at a fairly rapid rate.

Thus, a further development of the most promising mobile games, particularly Skill Gaming, is of interest to both developers and users of any type. It provides new opportunities for profit as well as for self-fulfillment and skill improvement.


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7 hours 30 min ago

Soon, Dubai will be the first city in the world to have self-flying taxis and Robocop. There is no more befitting place than Dubai to talk about advanced technologies and impactful projects.

On December 13th, 2017, in a joyous event, PIN Community gathered 100 leaders from 20 countries at Hyatt Regency Hotel in Dubai to share about the technologies of the future – Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), and Big Data – and how they all come together to enable and strengthen a “Sharing Economy 2.0″ within their PIN Platform.

At the beginning, Grace Ezzell – founder of Refugees + Blockchain – opened the conference with a provocative video about “a new money enabled by the blockchain” and an overview of the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and their ubiquitous utilities in the near future. Next, Alon Vo – cofounder of – took the stage to share about A.I. and Big Data. Later, Grace came back to the stage to define “sharing economy” as the last piece of the puzzle.

Following Grace, Jimmy Robinson – the Dubai representative of PIN Community – was welcomed to talk  about the PIN Community and its roadmap on combining all 4 discussed elements (Blockchain, A.I., Big Data, and Sharing Economy) into its products including the Collaborative Investment & Saving Portal, Direct Ad-Network, PIN Auction, and PIN Pay. It also showcased its current progress of registering more than 40,000 users from 20 countries after merely a week, before proceeding to share about its presale schedule and exciting promotions.

In the end, Jimmy invited Alon back to the stage to share about and an exciting news. is designed to be a one-stop shop for funding businesses worldwide, or simply a better AngelList. It complements A.I. training with the incentive mechanism of the token and decentralize the funding process with smart contracts. is a rare project with a refined concept detailed in a world-class white paper, an all-star team, a big community of 4000 members, more than 200 publications around the world, reviews made by famous Youtubers such as Jsnip4, and numerous rewards in A.I., blockchain, and general innovation (from Switzerland and Israel).

In the quest of searching for advanced technologies and talented teams around the world, PIN Community found, which was nominated as a promising candidate for what PIN Community was looking for so that the PIN Community can grow stronger. While PIN Community is poised to have the largest homogeneous community in the crypto space to promote the Sharing Economy 2.0, has the strongest potential in using AI, Big Data and Blockchain to make Sharing Economy 2.0 much stronger.

In order to combine these strengths and create the strongest sharing community in the crypto space, PIN Community was announcing their acquisition of, which will be added to their PIN Platform where PIN holders can spend their PIN tokens on fundraising startups and SMEs around the world, fostering innovation worldwide. Overall, in order to accommodate changes, the roadmap of will be delayed. However, as the strong, homogeneous and wealthy community of PIN Community can generate data in much higher volume, velocity and veracity, the development of later phases such as the Automated Funding will be accelerated. Its A.I. engine will also be integrated with PIN Platform’s products such as the Collaborative Investment Platform and Direct Ad-Network.

PIN Community will acquire the Project, including all Decentralized DropDeck (DDD) Tokens, all raised funds to this point, and all team members. DDD token holders will be presented with two options – to get refunded in ETH, or exchange received DDD for PIN – a token with the potential to increase at least 5 times in value in 2018. development team will be joining PIN Community while its two cofounders – Alon Vo and Michael Phan – will step down and become advisors to the project. They will maximize the synergy of within the PIN Platform, and the sustainability of both platforms as a whole, while pursuing their new endeavor called – a decentralized microfinance platform for the unbanked.

With their strengths combined, as a part of PIN Community will contribute to establishing a strong, sustainable ecosystem and token (PIN), and bring wonder to Dubai.

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Saxo Bank Officials Fear Bitcoin Will Crash to $1,000 Soon

14 hours 43 min ago

It is always refreshing to see some new Bitcoin price predictions. The opinions are pretty divided on this front right now. According to Saxo Bank, the Bitcoin bull run will continue for quite some time. Reaching $60,000 per BTC is not entirely out of the question. However, one shouldn’t underestimate the developments in Russia and China. Both nations may collude to create a powerful competitor.

Everyone would like to see a Bitcoin price of $60,000 at some point. It would triple the current market cap and valuation of all bitcoins in circulations. Right now, such a move seems highly likely, according to Saxo Bank. Investors are getting used to tying up money in cryptocurrencies rather than traditional vehicles. The launch of Bitcoin futures will also play a big role in this regard. Everyone knows what goes up in value will eventually come down, though.

Saxo Bank Warns About a Major Bitcoin Price Crash

If and when that will happen for the Bitcoin price, remains unknown. No one can deny there is no real competition right now. Other altcoins are flourishing, but Bitcoin is still the gateway cryptocurrency for most users. It is also the easiest to obtain through traditional payment methods these days. When that situation changes, however, we may see some remarkable fireworks in the years to come. Saxo Bank firmly believes the total market cap will easily surpass $1tn in quick succession.

At the same time, the position of Bitcoin will face some threats from outside the cryptocurrency world. According to Saxo Bank, Russia and China may be the only ones capable of doing so. A predicted intervention by both countries will create some shockwaves, but that has failed so far. China has halted all CNY-based Bitcoin trading, and the value only kept going up. They may very well look to create a Bitcoin competitor at some point and enlist the help of Russia to do so.

If these forces collaborate, things will get very interesting. Bitcoin requires expensive hardware and a lot of electricity to mine. Cheaper alternatives will eventually gain traction, even if they are introduced by governments. Should such a competitor emerge, Saxo Bank feels the Bitcoin price will drop to $1,000 or lower. Whether or not we will see such a shift, remains highly unlikely. At the same time, nothing has been set in stone and everything is possible. An interesting future lies ahead for the cryptocurrency industry.

Header image courtesy of Shutterstock

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Kik Messenger Team Moves Away From Ethereum Blockchain due to Scaling and Fee Issues

15 hours 43 min ago

The Kik Messenger ecosystem has been pretty interesting to keep an eye on. After a successful ICO, the company is now building their main infrastructure for their new ICO token. Unfortunately, the team feels Ethereum is not a good choice in this regard. Both the altcoin and technology to power everything will be moved to a different ecosystem. It is evident Ethereum’s blockchain is not in a good place right now, although improvements are in development as we speak.

Truth be told, it was only a matter of time until more projects moved off Ethereum for their infrastructure. Although a popular altcoin, it also has technical limitations The allure of smart contracts is positive, but its blockchain simply can’t keep up. The Kik Messenger team has decided to move away from this ecosystem altogether. It is a very tough decision, but one that also makes a lot of sense. Their 300 million registered users would effectively cripple the Ethereum chain pretty quickly.

Kik Messenger Team Ditches Ethereum

There is a good reason for this sudden change of heart, though. Ethereum has no inherent privacy, which can be a bit of a hindrance. Moreover, there is a lack of reliability and scaling. This is not a problem for just Ethereum but most other public blockchains as well Even a test with 10,000 users yielded unsatisfactory results. Ethereum is not designed for mass-use whatsoever, which is quite problematic. Some of the upcoming developments will hopefully address this problem.

To top it all off, the Kik Messenger team noted how transaction costs are getting out of hand. It is not as problematic as Bitcoin by any means. However, the average ETH transaction fee is now over $1 as well. This is far too expensive for mainstream users, especially when they start to move Kin tokens around on the network. Other ERC20 tokens will suffer from these same problems in the near future as well.  No one should be surprised if more projects move away from this unreliable blockchain.

The big question is how things move forward for the Kik Messenger team. There is no official indication as to which solution they will use next. Few blockchains can handle a major transaction load right now. Rest assured there will be quite a few interesting options to explore in this regard. How all of this will play out in the next few months, remains unclear for now. However, no one can deny Ethereum has major issues. For a technical-oriented blockchain, it doesn’t live up to expectations in the slightest.

Header image courtesy of Shutterstock

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Bitcoin Gold Price Weekly Analysis – BTG/USD Holding Key Support

19 hours 12 min ago
Key Points
  • Bitcoin gold price after trading as high as $347 started a downside correction against the US Dollar.
  • There are two important bullish trend lines forming with support near $280 on the 4-hours chart of BTG/USD (data feed from Bitfinex).
  • The pair might hold the $280-260 support area and could rise soon above $310.

Bitcoin gold price is holding the $260 support against the US Dollar. BTG/USD may soon gain traction and move above $300-310 in the near term.

Bitcoin Gold Price Forecast

There was a decent rise in bitcoin gold price above $300 this past week against the US Dollar. The price was able to move above the $320 and $340 levels. A new high was formed at $347.46 from where the price started a downside correction. It moved below the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the last wave from the $190 low to $347 high. However, there are many supports on the downside such as $260 and the 100 simple moving average (4-hours).

There are also two important bullish trend lines forming with support near $280 on the 4-hours chart of BTG/USD. These trend lines are holding the current downside move and preventing losses below $260. The pair recently tested the 50% Fib retracement level of the last wave from the $190 low to $347 high. It seems like the pair is above a major support area at $260-280. As long as the pair is above the stated support zone, it could move higher above the $310 level in the near term.

Above the mentioned $310, there can be more gains above $340. There are even chances of it breaking the $350 level. On the flip side, a break below $260 could accelerate downsides toward $200 in the near term.

Looking at the technical indicators:

Hourly MACD – The MACD for BTG/USD is currently in the bullish zone.

Hourly RSI (Relative Strength Index) – The RSI for BTG/USD is currently above the 50 level.

Major Support Level – $260

Major Resistance Level – $310


Charts courtesy – Trading View, Bitfinex

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Bitcoin Cash Price Weekly Analysis – BCH/USD To Break $2000?

20 hours 43 min ago
Key Points
  • Bitcoin cash price is trading with a positive bias and is placed well above the $1500 level against the US Dollar.
  • There is a key bullish trend line forming with support at $1750 on the 4-hours chart of BCH/USD (data feed from Kraken).
  • The pair might continue to trade higher above $1800 and $1900 in the near term.

Bitcoin cash price is placed nicely above $1700 against the US Dollar. BCH/USD may soon break the $1900 level to challenge the $2000 level.

Bitcoin Cash Price Trend

There was a good upside wave in bitcoin cash price from the $1300 swing low against the US Dollar. The price was able to move above the $1500 and $1700 resistance levels. The upside move was strong as the price traded above the $1950 resistance level. It traded as high as $1997 from where a correction wave was initiated. It has moved below the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the last wave from the $1201 low to $1997 high.

However, there are many support levels on the downside such as $1700 and $1750. There is also a key bullish trend line forming with support at $1750 on the 4-hours chart of BCH/USD. The trend line support is just above the 38.2% Fib retracement level of the last wave from the $1201 low to $1997 high. Moreover, the $1675 pivot area could also act as a strong support in the near term. Therefore, it won’t be easy for sellers to push the price below $1700.

On the upside, the recent high at $1997 is only a short-term resistance. The pair might soon break the stated level and trade above $2000 during the coming sessions.

Looking at the technical indicators:

4-hours MACD – The MACD for BCH/USD is slightly in the bearish zone.

4-hours RSI (Relative Strength Index) – The RSI for BTC/USD is currently well above the 50 level.

Major Support Level – $1700

Major Resistance Level – $2000


Charts courtesy – Trading View, Kraken

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Bitcoin Price Weekly Analysis – BTC/USD Upside Drift Above $20,000

22 hours 13 min ago
Key Points
  • Bitcoin price is gaining pace once again and is currently trading above $18,000 against the US Dollar.
  • There is a monster bullish trend line forming with support at $17,000 on the 4-hours chart of BTC/USD (data feed from SimpleFX).
  • The pair is moving higher and it might soon break the $20,000 level for more gains in the near term.

Bitcoin price is surging higher towards $20,000 against the US Dollar. BTC/USD might soon break the $20k level and gain further traction in the near term.

Bitcoin Price Trend

There were nasty gains in bitcoin price above the $16,000 level against the US Dollar. After a major correction, the price found support above $15,000. Later, buyers gained momentum and were able to push the price above the $17,000 level. It opened the doors for more gains and the price was able to trade to a new all-time high above $19,000. The recent high was $19,426 and it seems like the current upside move is far from over.

During the upside move, the price was able to break a major connecting resistance trend line at $18,000 on the hourly chart. The current price action is positive above $17k and it seems like the price might continue to move higher. On the downside, an initial support is around the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the last wave from the $15,590 low to $19,426 high. Moreover, the broken trend line at $18K could act as a strong support in the near term.

Moreover, there is a monster bullish trend line forming with support at $17,000 on the 4-hours chart of BTC/USD. Therefore, the current trend is very positive and the pair might accelerate above $20K in the near term.

Looking at the technical indicators:              

4-hours MACD – The MACD is gaining momentum in the bullish zone.

4-hours RSI (Relative Strength Index) – The RSI is reaching the overbought levels, but with no signs of a major correction.

Major Support Level – $17,000

Major Resistance Level – $20,000


Charts courtesy – SimpleFX

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Ethereum Price Weekly Analysis – ETH/USD is Back Bullish

Sat, 12/16/2017 - 23:08
Key Highlights
  • ETH price is trading higher and is placed well above the $650 support area against the US Dollar.
  • There is a crucial bullish trend line forming with support near $680 on the 4-hours chart of ETH/USD (data feed via SimpleFX).
  • The pair might continue to move higher and it might aim the next target as $780 and $800.

Ethereum price is back in the bullish zone against the US Dollar and Bitcoin. ETH/USD is gaining pace and is about to move higher towards $800.

Ethereum Price Trend

There was a nice upside move this past week above the $600 and $700 levels in ETH price against the US Dollar. The price traded as high as $758 before starting a downside correction. It traded lower sharply and tested the $620 support area and did not test the $600 handle. Later, buyers appeared and pushed the price above the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the last decline from the $758.24 high to $611.12 low.

The current price action is very positive and suggest more gains in ETH/USD in the near term above $650. There are decent technical signs forming and the price has already moved above the 50% Fib retracement level of the last decline from the $758.24 high to $611.12 low. There is also a crucial bullish trend line forming with support near $680 on the 4-hours chart of ETH/USD. Therefore, there are many supports on downside near $680 and $650 to act as a buy zone.

As long as the price is above $650, it would continue to move higher. The next upside target could be the recent high near $758. Above the mentioned level, the price might event trade above the $800 handle in the near term.

4-hours MACD – The MACD has slightly reduced the bullish slope, but it is still showing positive signs.

4-hours RSI – The RSI is currently well above the 50 level.

Major Support Level – $650

Major Resistance Level – $758


Charts courtesy – SimpleFX

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Cruchbase Feels Bitcoin Lost Sight of Being a Medium of Exchange

Sat, 12/16/2017 - 17:00

The opinions on the current state of Bitcoin are rather divided, to say the least. Some people think it’s doing well, whereas others grow increasingly worried. According to Crunchbase, Bitcoin is no longer a means of exchange. Instead, it has become slow, expensive, and anything but convenient. This is anything but a popular opinion, mind you, but there is some truth to this statement as well.

For a cryptocurrency with such a high market cap, Bitcoin lacks some basic functionality. Sending transactions is a bit of a gamble if it has to happen quickly. Including high fees is always an option but it shouldn’t even be necessary. Unfortunately, Bitcoin is no longer a means of exchange, according to Crunchbase. The value of the world’s leading cryptocurrency certainly doesn’t represent the state of the ecosystem. At the same time, these issues are nothing new under the sun either.

Crunchbase Doesn’t Like the Current State of Bitcoin

In its current form, Bitcoin is slow and expensive to use as a means of exchange. It makes for a worthwhile store of value, though. In fact, it may outperform any other financial asset in existence today in that regard. Crunchbase confirms Bitcoin shouldn’t be looked at a peer-to-peer version of electronic cash whatsoever. That situation may reverse again in the future, though. For now, it seems unlikely anything will change in the near future.

The first-mover advantage Bitcoin has is slowly eroding, to say the least. It is evident this cryptocurrency still has plenty of potential if something changes. Pushing down the fees will be very difficult until SegWit adoption increases or the Lightning Network comes around. Either of those outcomes is still months away, at best. The amount of money one pays for the speed of confirmations imply doesn’t add up. Crunchbase also touches upon the growing transaction backlog. It has been another problem for Bitcoin due to the lack of scaling.

Granted, one could easily adorable this to growing pains. It is evident Bitcoin is still maturing in front of our eyes. However, the currency has been around for many years. These issues have been known for many years as well. A lot of time was wasted due to political bickering over how scaling should work. The community eventually settled on a solution which has an adoption rate of under 15% months later. An uneasy situation, to say the very least

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Bitstamp Currently Receives Over 100,000 new User Registrations per day

Sat, 12/16/2017 - 15:30

Cryptocurrency exchanges have seen major user growth in 2017. In some cases, this also means their services are subject to degraded performance. Bitstamp seems to be doing quite well in both aspects, though. Not only is their platform pretty solid, they also welcome around 100,000 new users every day. An astonishing number, to say the very least.

There are few exchanges out there which can handle an increased workload. Coinbase has struggled quite a bit throughout 2017 in this regard. Kraken has a bad infrastructure, but an upgrade is on the way. Even non-fiat currency exchanges struggle from time to time Poloniex has seen multiple outages this year alone. Not to mention the number of DDoS attacks performed against these platforms on a regular basis. Cryptocurrency is very hot right now and exchanges are struggling a bit. Bitstamp, on the other hand, seems to do relatively fine in most cases.

Bitstamp is Coping With Major Our Growth

More specifically, their platform seems to hold up quite well without issues. No major problems have been reported with performance, orders going awry, or anything like that. Getting your account verified, on the other hand, is a waiting game in its own regard. It is not uncommon for people to wait a week or longer to complete this process. It causes some friction, but there’s a good reason for these days. Around 100,000 new users register for Bitstamp every single day right now.

Please understand that we currently have over 100,000 new accounts opened daily. It is challenging to cope with such surge. We are expanding our capacity to on board clients faster but this takes a bit of time.

— Nejc Kodrič (@nejc_kodric) December 16, 2017

This is quite an interesting statement by the Bitstamp CEO. Most companies aren’t as transparent regarding such delays or new user signups. The demand for Bitcoin and various altcoins has been surging as of late. It is evident this demand will not slow down anytime soon either. Given the recent value increases of all major cryptocurrencies, people are going crazy for anything in this industry right now. For Bitstamp, this means a lot more users who have yet to sign up for this platform in the very near future.

At the same time, using a third-party service provider for user verification may be an option worth exploring. Veteran cryptocurrency users don’t want their information in the hands of too many entities right now These KYC and AML procedures are a necessary evil in the world of cryptocurrency exchanges. At the same, it may only be a matter of time until centralized platforms become obsolete. These are incredibly exciting times in the world of cryptocurrency, to say the very least.

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Litecoin Has Outperformed Bitcoin in 2017, 8,000% Increase in Price

Sat, 12/16/2017 - 13:20

Litecoin has outperformed bitcoin in 2017, demonstrating a staggering 8,000 percent increase in price. While it still remains as the fifth largest cryptocurrency behind Bitcoin Cash and Ripple, it has solidified itself as a leading digital currency.

Since January 1, the price of Litecoin has surged from $3.63 to $302, as its market cap increased from below $177 million to $16.4 billion. The market valuation of Litecoin is currently larger than that of bitcoin in the beginning of 2017.

Potential Factors Behind Rally

Over the past 12 months, the bitcoin dominance index has decreased from above 80 percent to 56 percent. Several analysts have attributed the decrease in the bitcoin dominance index to the migration of users from bitcoin to alternative cryptocurrencies (altcoins) such as Litecoin and Ethereum that have significantly lower transaction fees than bitcoin.

At the time of reporting, the median transaction fee of Litecoin is around $0.065, while Ethereum’s remain above $0.5. Due the high transaction fees of bitcoin, many users have started to utilize Litecoin to process cheaper and small transactions.

Bitcoin Fees, a bitcoin transaction fee prediction platform developed by (formerly 21 Inc) show that the fastest and cheapest transaction fee is 430 satoshis per byte, or 97,180 satoshis for median-size transaction. That is, a recommended fee of around $18.

When the size of the bitcoin mempool is below 50 million bytes or is relatively low, transactions can still be confirmed by miners with lower fees. But, when the size of the bitcoin mempool is larger than a hundred million bytes, without high fees, it is difficult to have transactions confirmed within 24 hours.

More users have begun to utilize Litecoin and other alternatives like Ethereum to process small transactions with cheaper fees, while relying on bitcoin as a robust store of value and safe haven asset.

Still, Litecoin creator and former Coinbase director of engineering Charlie Lee emphasized that it could take at least five years for general consumers to utilize bitcoin and litecoin in the real world.

“I think we’re still maybe five years away before people actually start using bitcoin and litecoin in real world use as a currency,” said Lee.

Where Does Litecoin Price Go in 2018

In consideration of the recent surge in the price of litecoin, Lee stated that he would be satisfied if the litecoin price stays in the $300 region by the end of 2018. That is a rather conservative prediction from Lee, as litecoin has increased by more than 83-fold year-to-date.

“I would be happy if litecoin stays at around $300 by the end of next year. It’s still very surprising how much it has grown this year. I never like to speculate on prices because I’m always wrong. If I tell you it’s going to go up and it doesn’t, you’ll be upset,” said Lee.

If more users continue to utilize litecoin for cheaper transactions and small payments, the user base and market valuation of litecoin will likely increase at a rapid rate throughout 2018.

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Sat, 12/16/2017 - 02:49

DASH bears are driving prices lower with support at $820 looking likely to be the next destination.

This will be so especially if DASH bears close below the middle BB in the 4HR chart. Every lower low is a buy opportunity going forward.

Otherwise, NEM, LTC and IOTA look to be turning around and inching higher. If Monero bulls close above $330, the next target will be at $450.

Let’s look at the charts:


NEM prices are trending above the minor resistance trend line after December 14 break out.

As a break out trade, we shall only take long positions in line with the bull break out and of course the trend in the weekly chart.

We have already seen a “retest” after that reversal from the minor support-previous resistance and the 20 period MA.

The 23.6% Fibonacci retracement is also another level to consider because any dip to that level represents another buying opportunity.


DASH bears are driving prices  lower. Even though the weekly trend is bullish, we have not seen any significant moves this week.

In fact prices are mute and trickling low.

There is a stochastic sell signal in place just like in the daily chart and at the moment, any strong close below the 20 period MA will usher in a short term bearish momentum towards December 3 highs of $820.

However, any break and close above the minor resistance level means we go long.

TIME FOR IOTA BULLS TO REIGN IOTUSD 4HR Chart for December 16, 2017

Our ideal support lies at $2.8. Considering the current bear drive, every lower low IOTA makes is a perfect buy opportunity.

As it is, we should load up our IOTA stake now that we have a double bar bull reversal pattern turning from oversold territory and a stochastic buy signal to complement it.

Because of this, we can enter long now or wait for a break and close above the minor resistance trend line to initiate longs. Additionally, to safeguard our entry, stop loss lies below December 15 lows.


From the chart, it is clear that Monero is finding resistance at $335.  Nevertheless, there has been no break out.

I shall insist that any strong close above $335 will be desirable for bulls and as it is this $35 range is our buy zone in line with weekly chart bull trend.

Furthermore, the middle BB and $300 are our immediate support levels going forward.


On December 15, a strong bullish engulfing candlestick and a stochastic buy signal were printed on our buy zone.

As it is, we are net bullish and therefore we should gear up to enter long the moment LTC prices close above the middle BB.

All charts courtesy of Trading View


Further futures to boost Bitcoin

Fri, 12/15/2017 - 22:56

Most of the action this week has been with the altcoins and Bitcoin has been relatively stable. Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple all reached record highs and have hugely expanded their market capacities. Bitcoin has slowly inched up from $16,400 to around $17,600 where it currently trades, things could heat up again over the weekend though as more futures contracts will be launched.

The start of futures trading on the Chicago Board Options Exchange has been slow and steady. More significantly it has been hailed as a turning point for Bitcoin and crypto currency giving it more recognition with a little long overdue regulation and transparency. This elevated status will be given a further boost in the coming days as two more players enter the game.

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange, a much larger exchange than the CBOE, will launch its Bitcoin futures on Sunday. It is expected to attract higher volumes and a higher dollar value of trading so Bitcoin prices could well hit $20,000. The third exchange to offer Bitcoin trading is TD Ameritrade which controls the largest futures operation of any online brokerage firm. The company recently announced that it will allow Bitcoin futures contracts on its platform on Monday. This will result in a lot more liquidity and a lot more participation from retail traders.

Clients must have a minimum balance of $25,000, in order to participate in the futures according to the brokerage. The margin requirement will also be 1.5 times what the CBOE requires. JB Mackenzie, managing director for futures trading at TD Ameritrade, told Bloomberg:

Right now we are taking the same approach we did with the Cboe product, to wait and see how it goes. We want to watch that market open and become an orderly marketplace and see who the participants are in that marketplace. This is the same process we use with any new product. We want to see how the market reacts.”

Volume on the CBOE contracts that have been trading over the past week has been a little on the low side according to a CNBC report. Around $60 million in notional value has traded each day on average. Compare that to the last 24 hours in the Bitcoin market which stands a volume of $12 billion according to

The majority of crypto currency traders are based in Asia, outside the US where futures contracts are not available and the digital currency is traded directly. Only when the heavyweights such as JP Morgan Chase and Morgan Stanley allow their clients to trade crypto currency will things really heat up for institutional investors. Even so, there is still likely to be more action on the Bitcoin charts this weekend, get ready for the ride!

Photo courtesy of Reuters.

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Taurus Coin Exchange Goes Live for Public

Fri, 12/15/2017 - 16:01

Singapore, London, Hongkong, December 15, 2017 — After a successful completion of its global launch, Taurus Coin now announces its proprietary exchange TRC Exchange for the public. This marks another achievement for Taurus Coin.

The aim of launching its own TRC exchange platform is to become a one-stop shop for TRC users as it will satisfy the demand for people interested in Taurus Coin. TRC Exchange would offer low-cost, high turnover trading in an environment designed specifically for Taurus Coin traders.

Launching of our own exchange platform will also ensure that Taurus (TRC) will be listed on a world-class trading platform.

TRC exchange will be a huge success for Taurus Coin holders, as it will leverage on Taurus’s current infrastructure and client base. Additionally, once it is fully operational. Users can expect a new level of empowerment through an open source platform connecting users socially and financially to a secure, protected community of investors and lenders.

Taurus Coin will also provide peer-to-peer electronic monetary system based on cryptography that is like Bitcoin yet will function unlike Bitcoin. It exhibits properties similar to physical currencies, however what makes it distinct is that it allows for instantaneous transactions and borderless transfer-of-ownership.

How to earn profits with Taurus Coin?

Lending: Almost no price fluctuation. Profit is paid daily, and monthly profit is up to 45%

Trading: Make use of price fluctuation to earn profit

Mining: By using algorithm POW or POS

Staking Earning profit just by holding Taurus Coin on your Desktop Wallet

Who would need Taurus Coin?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Online business and retailing stores
  • Powerful API for Payout’s Automation
  • Individuals who do not want to use cash
  • Checkout for merchants
About Taurus Coin

A breakthrough digital solution related to money transaction. Taurus Coin is a kind of digital cash that you can use to make your payment or any money transaction whenever and wherever you travel. By using Taurus Coin, your e-commerce business, private payments, your online business, your retailing store can speed up its money transaction with both clients and suppliers, therefore, which allows you to save money and even boost your business growth. Trust Taurus Coin and start using our secure open-source platform hosted by thousands of users around the world right now.

For more information: visit:

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BitherCash: An Altcoin with a Difference

Fri, 12/15/2017 - 15:27

With the myriad of ICOs being launched every few days, investors are now fed up with the run of the mill altcoins that are simply replicas of each other. They lack creativity. Investors are now looking for ICOs that offer a unique proposition that is not based on the same overused technology. Enter BitherCash coin.

Unlike most of the altcoins that rely on the Ethereum Virtual Machine, BitherCash coin is based on a proprietary blockchain that is an amalgamation of both the proof-of-work and the proof-of-stake algorithm. The blockchain has a lot in common with the Bitcoin Core but with several changes to adopt some features of proof-of-work. The blockchain has been written in Script language. As a result, many of the Bitcoin advantages are present in BitherCash.

Apart from a solid architecture, BitherCash Coin has attractive features. The blockchain is completely decentralized to allow the platform users to have access to the transaction blocks. This prevents any case of internal fraud that plague most centralized platforms. Additionally, the ledger is encrypted and synchronized across all devices on the platform. As a result, everyone has a record of the transaction. It provides the first true notion of a personal bank for users.

Bithercash is a Pure Lending Platform

Security is also an important consideration for the platform. BitherCash Coin provides unparalleled security to users on the platform by using pseudonyms to mask the identities of the users and encrypting information to prevent hackers from accessing sensitive information. Additional features like KYC and AML will be added in line with the regulatory measures being added in European and North American countries.

The blockchain has been designed to provide the world a platform where payment processing has been streamlined, and peer-to-peer remittance has been made as easy as possible. This has been achieved by using API clusters that allow low latency transfer. This means that the platform supports high speed and high-volume transfer of coins. These features are expected to endear it to the cryptocurrency community.

Investors will also be able to make money in a variety of ways on the platform. They can make money by trading BitherCash Coin with other cryptocurrencies on major exchanges. This offers decent margins for cryptocurrency traders. The robustness of the platform means that there is little likelihood of collapse. Another avenue investors can make money is by holding BitherCash Coin until it appreciates. Most proof-of-work platforms tend to appreciate in value. As a result, investors can simply buy BitherCash coins and wait until it appreciates. Finally, they can make money by staking the coin. Since it has elements of the Proof-of-Stake architecture, investors can lend the coin and wait while it appreciates.

BitherCash Coin is a truly unique proposition in a market where most altcoins are relatively the same. As a result, it is expected to attract the attention of many serious investors. The Pre-ICO is expected to start on November 28th, 2017. Investors can make a decent profit by buying coins at discounted prices during the ICO. There will also be a 45-day ICO starting December 5th, 2017. If you are an interested party, you can create a wallet and take part in the Pre-ICO and ICO by visiting the website.

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Budbo – One Blockchain, Infinite Possibilities

Fri, 12/15/2017 - 12:25

The cannabis industry in the U.S. is exploding, with a projected value of $50 billion, and it is predicted to grow exponentially in the future. The buzzkill remains a lack of consistent regulations and non-standardized rules of trade across state lines, forcing much of the industry to operate in the shadows and remain essentially shunned by the nation’s established economic system.  

Despite legalization, many people still prefer buying cannabis through black market channels in hopes of obtaining their favorite strains at cheaper prices.

So what’s the solution?

Enter Budbo.

Having launched in 2016, Budbo, a U.S. based startup, initially developed a “tinder-like” mobile application to help users find their favorite strains and products at nearby dispensaries. Now boasting of nearly 100,000 users and 2,000 dispensaries as part of its network, Budbo’s platform consists of a mobile phone app and a cloud-based backend business intelligence platform, which also provides a delivery tracking service aimed at ensuring full visibility and compliance of the cannabis delivery process.  Budbo is now a respected and established presence in the cannabis ecosystem, and is looking to elevate its offering in a major way by tapping into blockchain technology.

Need of a Blockchain Revolution

Budbo believes the cannabis industry lacks the basic framework to seamlessly integrate into the country’s mainstream economy. Company leaders argue the persistent marginalization and fragmentation of the cannabis sector can be alleviated through blockchain technology.

“Blockchain possesses the power to streamline the processes of cannabis industry,” says Budbo CTO Jacob Patterson. “This system we are working on will ensure that cannabis moves safely and through proper channels, with all movements and history accounted for in a decentralized and immutable ledger.”

By bringing together growers, manufacturers, lab experts, dispensaries and other cannabis industry stakeholders, Budbo aims to construct a completely transparent, and standardized system for the cannabis trade.

Budbo As a Backbone

The blockchain technology offers a way to streamline industry channels simultaneously as it holds an immutable ledger that leverages crypto-tokens built on smart contracts. The digital ledger which Budbo aims to build will contain complete seed-to-smoke information of every cannabis consignment produced, along with real-time GPS tracking of cannabis movements between pertinent stakeholders.

Working along this path will give rise to Budbo’s ever-growing data aggregation platform, allowing full transparency among all cannabis businesses and government agencies. This data will galvanize growth and provide a strong backbone for the cannabis industry to communicate among its actors and make optimal business decisions. It will also simplify the process of cannabis businesses satisfying pertinent regulations, while giving regulators a direct, transparent and fast method to ensure that those regulations are being adhered to.

The Budbo Blockchain Token

The Budbo utility token (Budbo Token) built on top of ethereum-based blockchain technology provides stakeholders entry into this digital ledger system. Working as an API, this token will be used to access  information stored in the digital ledger.

The aggregation of data starts with consumers generating demand for a particular strain of marijuana. Dispensaries access the analytics and data trends to make smart business decisions. Based on the analytics, dispensaries place orders with nearby manufacturers. The manufacturer, in turn, accesses the information regarding strain purities as reported by testing agencies by using Budbo Tokens.

The blockchain platform ensures there is neither unaccounted pilferage of stock nor any scope for substituting high-quality strains with inferior strains. The marijuana growers buy this information by spending Budbo Tokens to plan their planting cycles and streamline the delivery of their products in markets where they are in high demand.

Aside from regulating the cannabis industry, the blockchain ecosystem designed by Budbo can eventually be used as a blueprint for blockchain integration in other industries.

For more details about Budbo, visit

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Andreas Antonopoulos Warns of Bitcoin Bubble

Fri, 12/15/2017 - 11:23

We’re well-used to members of central banks, and government expressing concerns about Bitcoin. However, what’s much rarer is one of our own using that pesky “B” word. Revered Bitcoin proponent Andreas Antonopoulos has joined the likes of Jamie Dimon and Janet Yellen in deeming the world’s hottest digital currency a bubble.

The Australian Financial Review report that the Bitcoin and blockchain guru warned that the rise in price we’ve seen so far in 2017 was not the result of genuine adoption and usage but rather people hoping to emulate the parabolic gains early advocates of crypto have seen:

What we’re seeing is a straightforward grassroots bubble driven by speculation and greed.

He also cautioned investors who he feels are essentially throwing money at a technological innovation they know nothing about. This makes it even more dangerous, and Antonopoulos feels that those who don’t properly understand what they are getting themselves into are taking on “a serious amount of risk”.

The concern coming from a Bitcoin proponent should certainly worry those invested in the space more than that of central bankers many of who are essentially clueless about cryptocurrency themselves. Andreas Antonopoulos has dedicated much of the lifespan of Bitcoin advocating its use, and its game-changing properties in the world of finance. He’s spoken many times about cryptocurrency’s potential to completely destroy central banker’s ability to dominate the planet by controlling the cash we’re all dependent on. He’s even authored two of the space’s most popular books, Mastering Bitcoin and The Internet of Money.

Rather than pursue wealth, Antonopoulos instead favoured spreading awareness. He’s been something of a digital nomad for the last few years, appearing at events around the globe where he has selflessly championed Bitcoin. Despite his time in the space, until recently, he hadn’t enjoyed the same financial success as many early adopters. This prompted an attack on Antonopoulos by fellow long-time advocate Roger Ver. He publicly “poor shamed” his fellow crypto-pioneer which prompted the wider community to donate almost $2 million to Antonopoulos as a sort of communal thank you to a man who has done so much to spread Bitcoin awareness.

The Australian Finance Review went on to state that Antonopoulos warned that the influx of users seeking fast gains on their investments was causing Bitcoin to not perform as it was designed:

“… as such, the added congestion means bitcoin is not currently functioning as originally designed.”

This sentiment was echoed elsewhere in the industry. CEO of Australian exchange Coinjar, Asher Tan, elaborated:

The blockchain is totally choked up at the moment and the fees can be ridiculous.


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Bitcoin Price Watch; Here’s What’s On This Weekend

Fri, 12/15/2017 - 11:07

We are closing in on the end of the European session on Friday and that means one thing – that the week is almost over. At the end of last week, we saw bitcoin run to an incredible degree as markets loaded up on positions ahead of the introduction of bitcoin futures to the market. We said this morning that we were hoping to see more of the same this week (i.e. a solid run to the upside) and we’ve not got exactly what we wanted.

We have seen some upside, sure, but it’s far from the multi-thousand dollar run we saw heading into last weekend.

Anyway, it’s not overly important. So long as we can stay on top of what’s happening on the intraday charts, we’ll be able to keep things moving for our short-term trades.

So, with all this said, let’s get some levels in place that we can use for the session going forward. As ever, take a quick look at the chart below to get an idea where things stand. It’s a one-minute candlestick chart and it’s got our primary range overlaid in green.

As the chart shows, the range we are looking at for the session today comes in as defined by support to the downside at 17426 and resistance to the upside at 17591. We’re going to go at markets with a couple of different trades tonight, variable depending on how the bitcoin price moves in and around these levels.

So, if we see price close above resistance, we’ll try and jump in long towards an immediate upside target of 17660. A stop at 17575 keeps things tight from a risk management perspective.

Looking the other way, if we see price close below support, we’ll look at jumping in short towards a downside target of 17360.

Let’s see what happens.

Charts courtesy of Trading View

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GMO Internet to Pay 4,000 Employees Using Bitcoin

Fri, 12/15/2017 - 09:47

A Japanese company has taken the bold step of opting to pay their employees using Bitcoin. GMO Internet is a firm dealing in web-related matters. These include finance, advertising, and internet infrastructure. In an effort to get more familiar with cryptocurrency, they’re trialling its use as a payment method in a professional setting.

Employees at GMO Internet can opt to have up to 100,000 yen of their salary paid in Bitcoin every month. This is equivalent to around $900. The rest of their rate will be topped up with traditional currency. It’s also not compulsory, and workers at GMO Internet can still elect to be paid their entire paycheck in yen.

Harumi Ishii , a spokesperson for GMO internet told the UK’s The Guardian newspaper:

Employees can receive salaries by Bitcoin if they want to… We hope to improve our own literacy of virtual currency by actually using it.

Ishii estimated that around 4,000 workers at GMO Internet would be entitled to receive Bitcoin payments. RT News report that employees would even receive a bonus for receiving cryptocurrency. Workers can expect an additional 10% on top of their usual payment.

Outside of a few jobs in the fintech industry, this represents one of the first examples of a large company offering to pay all their employees in cryptocurrency. Back in 2014, a Canadian startup called WagePoint offered a service in which they offered clients the option to pay their employees using cryptocurrency. At the time, they estimated that they paid around $75,000 annually in Bitcoin. This is minuscule compare to the maximum $3.6 million a month which GMO Internet would pay out should every one of their employees opt for crypto payments. However, judging by the WagePoint’s website, the service has since been discontinued.

It won’t be the first dealings the GMO Internet have had with Bitcoin. They started a trading and exchange business back in May of this year. They are also planning on launching their own mining farm next month. Therefore, it makes perfect economic sense for them to pay their staff using the currency which they have obtained for much less than the market rate thanks to their mining operation. Rather than go through the effort of exchanging their freshly mined BTC for yen and then sending that out to employees, they can pay them directly with the cryptocurrency.

It’s hardly surprising that a Japanese company have been the first to trial paying employees in cryptocurrency. This year, the government there declared Bitcoin and other digital currencies legal tender. If GMO Internet’s pilot is successful, it seems likely that others will follow suit soon.



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