Bitcoin Featured on China’s “Most Influential” TV Show

Bitcoin’s awareness continues to increase in China as the new digital currency becomes prime subject of debate in China’s “most cutting-edge and most influential financial talk show,” a highly popular national TV segment with millions of viewers who are mostly in the high-income and highly educated demograhic.

The topic of debate is “Bitcoin, fortune maker or Ponzi scheme?” featuring professor Larry Hsien Ping Lang, described as China’s most influential economist. A controversial figure in the country who considers bitcoin worthless.

In 2014, after the price of the digital currency reached new highs with Baidu, China’s google, having previously announced they are willing to accept bitcoin payments, Lang famously refused 100 bitcoins offered by Bobby Lee, CEO of BTC China, now worth some $90,000, while discussing bitcoin on his show.

Larry Lang, China’s Most Famous Economist, Refuses 100 Bitcoins – Image Courtesy of cnLedger

“Time for his FUD again. More about Bitcoin on TV from Larry “FUD” Lang, the one who denies that Bitcoin is valuable!” Lee said publicly today.

However, another Chinese economist, who is to take part in the show, publicly stated that “Bitcoin is the real currency, and it marks the future of currency,” according to a translation. The usual arguments of pros and cons, as in the west, are therefore to be expected, but the segment comes after both a tremendous price rise in bitcoin as well as intervention by PBOC.

China’s Most Influencial Financial TV Talk Show to Feature Bitcoin – Image from Weibo