A Cannabis Industry Icon Accepts Bitcoin

Earlier this week, a bill was introduced in Washington state to ban pot shops from accepting Bitcoin. Some of the biggest names in cannabis, however, have already dipped their toes into the digital currency market.

One of the most storied functional glass makers in the history of glass (he’s done works for the Dalai Lama and Snoop Dogg) accepts Bitcoin and offers a steep discount to those who pay in the digital currency.

“Jerome Baker himself (Jason Harris) will make you a beautiful hand made glass Bubbler – old school style – for one BITCOIN,” reads the Jerome Baker Designs (JBD) website.


Jason Harris Custom ‘Slyme Bubbler’

By sending bitcoins to the company’s public bitcoin address, and confirming a shipping address via email, bitcoiners can make the so-called ‘Slyme Bubbler’ their own.

Jason Harris, the founder of Jerome Bakers, started blowing glass in 1991. The seventh disciple of legendary functional glass blower Bob Snodgrass, Mr. Harris was part of Eugene’s bustling glass scene of the nineties, and also seventh generation glass blower Hans Ittig from Wertheim, Germany

“I don’t make custom glass,” Mr. Harris, who has been interested in Bitcoin for about four years, told Bitcoin.com. “If I do, it starts at $10,000. I don’t like doing them, but I will do one for a bitcoin. I won’t do it for cash, I will only do it for Bitcoin. My objective was to mine bitcoins out of humans, because I believe in bitcoin. Well, I make glass art. I make something special that might draw people in.”

There are various examples of businesses giving discounts for Bitcoin. Purse.io offers consumers discounts at Amazon. Gyft offers 3% back on gift cards for bitcoin. Fold saves people 20% at Starbucks. Vapeboy offers 5% off vape liquids, including their Satoshi Nakamoto flavor.


Pipe Dreams to Maui

While he lived in Oregon, the DEA arrested Mr. Harris as part of Operation Pipe Dreams and Operation Headhunter. Tommy Chong served time for his functional glass products as a result of the operation.

By the time of his arrest, which some content was merely for being a symbol of US cannabis culture, Mr. Harris had a functional glass empire and was known worldwide. The federal government labelled the operation an illicit enterprise and seized company assets.

Mr. Harris, a founding member of the Eugene Glass School in Eugene, Oregon was indicted alongside 50 individuals on charges of trafficking in illegal drug paraphernalia. According to authorities, he had partly succeeded because of the internet.

Attorney General John Ashcroft stated at the time: “With the advent of the Internet, the illegal drug paraphernalia industry has exploded. The drug paraphernalia business is now accessible in anyone’s home with a computer and Internet access. And in homes across America we know that children and young adults are the fastest growing Internet users. Quite simply, the illegal drug paraphernalia industry has invaded the homes of families across the country without their knowledge…Today, the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force…has taken decisive steps to dismantle the illegal drug paraphernalia industry by attacking their physical, financial and Internet infrastructures.”

Mr. Harris laid low thereafter and turned the JBD brand into a skateboarding-focused lifestyle brand. After moving to Maui to soak up the sun and ride the waves, he focused on non-functional glass, making high end installations for exclusive clientele as Maui Glass Blowing.


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