Caught on Video: Strange things happened while mining through Nicehash before 12/6/2017 "Maintenance"

Update: An official update has been made by Nicehash: Update: Nicehash releases official press release - they were hacked



I was looking at my Nicehash mining status and just happened to have caught something strange occuring. Basically, the amount mined would go back and forth from a much lower amount then back to the correct amount after a minute or so. I've seen this happen before about 3 weeks ago or so, but thought I was just seeing things and didn't think much of it. However, this time I caught it on video:


Then I went and checked out Nicehash on their Twitter feed:





A short while later I noticed the balance and daily estimate had reached 0, so I shut the miner off.

This was late at night, and it's now in the afternoon where I am and their status has yet to change/update. Here's what their website still looks like:



If you check out their social media links, people are freaking out:


It's still too early to know quite what is going on, and I'll let you feel through the comments on ideas people are having.

FYI, I had my miner set up to where any payments would be sent to my external wallet. I was working on my first payout. Would be a bummer if this is as bad as people think. I'm still optimistic that Nicehash is working on the problem and things will be back up and running. We'll see.