Craigslist Now Includes a “Cryptocurrency OK” Option in Their Classifieds

As the cryptocurrency market starts to gain more popularity, other companies begin paying attention.

Now, social media and cryptocurrency groups have been lit aflame by the fact that people have found an option to accept cryptocurrencies as part of Craigslist’s classifieds platform.

When selling a product, prospective advertisers can see an option that says “Cryptocurrency ” when entering its details.

So far, we have no official statement from Craigslist itself, but the information appeared on Reddit when user “bitbybitbybitcoin” posted a screenshot of the interface with the option available.

We have confirmed the existence of this option by browsing the site and beginning the process of posting an classified ad for auto parts in Miami, Florida.

“Awesome! The number of people who use Craigslist is huge, and I'm guessing there is no particular correlation between using Craigslist and already being involved with Bitcoin. That means another bunch of people unfamiliar with it are going to be seeing it presented to them as an option,” reads the most popular comment in the thread, by user “ebliever”.

Craigslist is indeed a very large website, having a ranking of 106 on Alexa and more than 50 billion page views per month. In the U.S. alone, one-fifth of its population uses the website at least once every single month.

The fact that such a large site has a cryptocurrency option validates the idea that these alternative forms of wealth are beginning to get their feet wet in the mainstream.

Just a few days ago, 45 music artists joined Project Coral Reef, an initiative that allows people to purchase their merchandise, sometimes offering a discount if they pay in Monero.

As of right now, the project includes stores by renowned artists like Slayer, Mariah Carey, Motorhead, and the B-52s.

With the recent booms that the cryptocurrency space has been experiencing over the last few months, we can only expect more big movers to accept digital currencies as an alternative to fiat payments.