Daily Bitcoin News No Longer On Social Media

In case you haven't noticed yet, we are no longer on social media.

Even though sites like Twitter did bring us twice as much traffic, we are willing to make that sacrifice. In our opinion, social media is too much of a toxic waste to be on these days, and ever since we left it's been a great feeling. All we ever saw on sites like Twitter was how humanity is going down the tubes on those sites and it's depressing. 

We're sick of the censorship social media has engaged in, too. Even though DBN doesn't really post very much in reguards to things that would be censored, it's just a sad sight to see how social media is going.

Also, if people like our website then they will come directly and share the articles with friends. We also want to encourage people to go back to checking out websites and actually reading the content rather than just reading the headline and assume they get what's being said. Social media has been killing the internet and we love the idea of decentralized web. Readers can make comments and socialize directly on the site, too.

DBN isn't a site that's all about making money. In fact we don't make anything off the site. We have a few ads on the site, but those hardly even pay our monthly bill to run this, so this is all about our own love for crypto and is more of a hobby than anything.

So, if you're here reading this then you're most likely one of our few loyal readers and we will continue to grow, just not on social media. The idea of this being more underground is fun, too. 

Thank you to everyone who visits this website on a daily basis.