Encouraging Words on Bitcoin Halving and the Future of Cloud Mining

Note: Since we posted this, Bitminister has decided to wreck it's business by not allowing people to withdraw their coins (Including us). We are currently working on an investigation and will be exposing this criminal behaviour. DO NOT INVEST! I REPEAT, DO NOT INVEST!

Bitminister is a cloud mining operation we've been enjoying this first month. They just released a news report detailing what they are doing especially when it comes to the upcoming Bitcoin halving.


We are pleased to inform that our investment program crosses the line a month of its activity. Certainly, this is only beginning of our fruitful work, we're planning to conduct such service in the coming years until the formation of a large network of equipment for cloud crypto mining. 

Over the past month more than 25 thousand people with a total investment of about 10,000 Bitcoin became the company's clients. Bit Minister has already earned the trust due reliable stable and trouble-free operation with attracted funds. More than hundred regional representatives are ready to confirm these words by their own investment experience with Bit Minister Limited, their contact details are available on the website. 

To date, many investors are worried about the halving of the block reward, which will be 9th July 2016 according to cryptocurrency experts. On the Internet you can see certain excitement and even panic among Bitcoin users. We hasten to reassure you and declare that the halving will not bring any negative consequences for us. Probably, some of players on the crypto market will reduce the volume of mining, but this is not Bit Minister Limited. The aim of our investment program was development of our own network of ASIC equipment, and this month we were able to double our capacity, as well as increase Bitcoin mining pool. This means that we will continue to fulfill all obligations to investors and don't plan to reduce the rate of profit. Cooperation with us is absolutely safe and stable for all of you. 

We are pleased to enhance the quality of our service and will answer all your questions: please contact customer support for more information.

Source: bitminister.com