The First Bitcoin Ever to Reach Space Has Been Achieved

The first Bitcoin to ever reach beyond the Earth and into space has officially been achieved. Watch the launch here.

In an attempt to promote Genesis Mining, their team officially announced their launch on their website.

From: Genesis Mining;

As a community we’ve all seen Bitcoin increase in value, and we wanted to do our part to demonstrate that there’s no limit to how far Bitcoin and cryptocurrency can go. Thanks for being a part of the Genesis Mining family. You help make these sorts of milestones possible, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

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If you don't believe it here's a video of the feat to reach space:


Once the wallet (that looks like a Bitcoin) reached beyond Earths stratosphere they then sent bitcoin from Earth. Here's the Blockchain.

As of today there has been 5 transactions sent with a total of 2 Bitcoins.

Pretty cool huh?