Frustrations With Bitcoin Mounts As Transactions Keep Getting Backlogged & Unconfirmed

There are many thousands in the world currently feeling the frustration of how exchanging Bitcoin is becoming increasingly harder to simply make.

I'll give you an example: last night I made an exchange through The transaction reaches the blockchain... 30 minutes goes by and no confirmations... an hour goes by and still nothing... hours go by and STILL nothing... why? Oh wellllll - Changelly didn't add the correct fee to make the miners happy. So, now the money I was going to use to feed myself today sits in limbo, and will probably do so for another day or two.

I've actually got 3 other smaller transactions also sitting, that have been sitting for over 24 hours coming from my ads, and again it's because the service can't keep up with the fluctuating and REDICULOUS fees being made my Bitcoin sits in limbo and I have no idea when or if they'll ever pass through. This is a huge problem.

I've tried a "transaction accelerator", but I don't think it works.

You can complain to folks over at your exchange, but all they'll ever say is that it's out of their hands and that I will have to simply wait. Even though I do think Changelly could possibly develop something where the fees are calculated for quick transactions this isn't their fault as to why this is happening.

On the transaction accelerator I've mentioned, they mention something worth noting:

Why does it take so long to confirm my transaction?

When more people start to use Bitcoin, the Bitcoin block size grows to the 1MB limit. But Bitcoin Core developers keep refusing to increase block size for more people able to use Bitcoin.

As I write there is over 75,000 unconfirmed transactions, and climibing. So don't feel alone!