LiveSteem: Livestream TV #1 : November 6, 2016 - Archived 4 hour Broadcast - Live Art

Hello, Everyone! This is the first livestream/TV program of LiveSteem. This is the first video archived. Re-watch it here.

We began the stream at 8PM EST, November 6, 2016.

Each livestream is archived on it's previous live page after the live feed is over.

Here's the Youtube version archived:


Snapshot from this program:


Live embedding problems: I did not realize this was a problem until just an hour before going live. I'll be fixing this so the stream is located on the page.


Steemit Links Mentioned/Read in this Episode


Daily Bitcoin News Links Mentioned in the Program

This page will update as the livestream is on. As soon as Youtube is done processing the video we'll archive it. I'll do a weekly episode blog reflecting on them all.


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