Scam Alert: Bitcoin Financial /

This is a word of warning for you folks out there in the land of Bitcoin. A new website has been launched and it is 100% a ponzi scheme scam. Don't make the mistake I made which ended up me losing 3 Bitcoin due to these criminals. One of my goals with Daily Bitcoin News is to expose criminals who are stealing millions of dollars of Bitcoin from people all over the world. I've produced videos (here) that goes through and shows my audience the good, bad, and the ugly and I am writing this blog to once again expose criminals who are stealing hard earned money from people and I want to try and get this out there before others are hurt like I have been. One video you might want to watch to do catch up is here on Bitminister:

The new site I'm warning you about is called Bitcoin Financial located at Their website looks like this:

Bitcoin Financial is the new face of the old site, Bitminister.

Straight off the bat you probably notice that both sites look very similar. They have the same links, and even the "about" page is almost exactly the same. The way they try to convince you it's a legit company is by proving that they are registered in London. Both are in the same city. They just changed the names and mixed the text around, but they both claim they started in 2014 and how FINALLY they are finally here. Go look at their "Video Office" page. Look at both sites. Bitminister has these three videos (screenshots):

and then Bitcoin Financial has these three videos (screenshots):

Notice how all 6 look like they're in the same shitty room with with white walls? They claim all these people are from around the world. I'm thinking these are paid actors, or it might be the actual criminal team that's behind this. Anyway, if you do invest in either this is what will happen; You can invest and starting the next day you'll have successful withdrawals... then a month down the road they will make payouts, but only about 30 cents a day. Then they will claim all kinds of reasons. Every day is a new reason. Then finally they stop all payouts and your coins just sit in your account and not able to be withdrawn. This is because they've been stolen. You can try and contact them, and they will not get back to you. You can post comments on their Facebook pages and you'll get banned, and comments removed. If I lived in London I would have gone down to their supposed location and track them down, but I don't. This is just a word of warning, and I hope people will research the company before they invest and hopefully will see my blogs/videos. If you do see this and are thinking of investing in it, don't. Like I mentioned above, Bitminister stole 3 bitcoin from me, because I was foolish and thought "cloud mining" was legit. It's not. Bitcoin Financial/Bitminister are a ponzi scheme. They need to be arrested and locked up for life. Unfortunately it seems they are getting away with these scams, because no one will actually do anything about it. I seem to be THE only person in the world out of 1000's affected by these criminals who is trying to expose them and hopefully get justice. Be careful out there folks. There are ways to earn Bitcoin, but this is not one of them.