Tesla, Dr. Walter Russell, the Optic Dynamo-Generator and How it Could Revolutionize CryptoCurrency Mining Soon

One of the biggest problems with mining Cryptocurrencies is the energy it takes . Power bills are too high for the average person to realistically mine and the threat of the energy going down one day threatens the idea that all the hard work in mining and in Cryptocurrencies in general will one day be lost.

So a solution to these issues is to find another source of energy that doesn't require centralized energy corporations controlling and dictating who/how we get energy.

Over the years people have become acquainted with the work of Nikola Tesla who is known for inventing such technologies.


_Nikola Tesla_


_Tesla Wireless Power - Wardenclyffe Tower on Long Island_

Wardenclyffe and the Tesla Wireless Tower Facilities were shut down in 1905. The tower was the first wireless producer of electricity that could power everything in a persons home in the area. This was not seen as profitable by the powers that be so they shut everything down.

This stuff is real, and in fact you can make your own Tesla Tower at home. Here's how:


Now, over the past few years people like Elon Musk have been trying to produce things based off these inventions and more, but we need something more and that's where we bring in a man named Dr. Walter Russell.


_Dr. Walter Russell_

Dr. Walter Russell had invented a device called the "Russell Optical Dynamo Generator". This device could be the thing people could use to have unlimited energy.

> Russell's work involved the assembly of a device to produce energy from the background flux of fields designated by some researchers' Zero Point Energy. > Recent research has uncovered experiments that were conducted by Water and Lao Russell in conjunction with Raytheon Corporation in Colorado Springs and General Chapman of NORAD. > The blue prints were discovered to still exist in Colorado Springs and the 'Russell Optical Dynamo Generator' was found last fall in a basement, intact after 30 years. [Source]


_Russell Optical Dynamo Generator_

Nikola Tesla and Walter Russell were in communication with one another. In fact it's known that Tesla was so impressed with the theories and experiments of Walter Russell that he advised Russell to lock his knowledge in the Smithsonian for 1,000 years until mankind was ready. [ Source: Russell, Lao, from the Archives of the University of Science and Philosophy, Swannanoa, Virginia 22980. ]

> "This new power and light generator employs a multiplication principle of nature which has not yet entered within the realm of human consciousness... It is the principle of growth in nature which multiplies one kernel of corn into thousands... or multiplies the cold of space into hot stars and novas of incredibly high temperature... Power multiplication is the most conspicuous characteristic of nature. It is amazing to me that it has never yet been discovered." (Walter Russell’s memo from 1961)

Can you imagine what kind of implications such a device could do for the world? Everything would flip on its head. Not only would Bitcoin mining be more easily achievable, but it could be applied to almost everything in our daily lives. Your house would never lose power. Your car could drive on forever. Even my great grandfather invented an engine back in the early 1900's that had such tech. but he could never figure out how to turn it off so it's been around for quite some time.

Something worth noting is that I've recently done some work (I'm a graphic designer) for the folks over at The University of Science and Philosophy and even though I can't get into details about this - I will say this kind of technology is possibly coming in the next few years. Keep your eyes open in 2017/18.

The CryptoCurrency community could speed up this process. It is money after all that drives these things from existing or not. The only reason we don't have it here now is due to greedy international banksters/governments from allowing the world to have such things. Well the Blockchain revolution (or whatever you want to call it) could circumvent this. A sort of crowdfunding could be applied and we bring this into the light. Nonetheless I know that many out there (including Tesla Motors) is interested in this, so it's only a matter of time now.

- Johnny CryptoKale