Warning Cryptocurrency Community! New Malware Posing Dangerous Threats

If you have fatigue from the recent hacking incidents with cryptocurrencies well another problem has come up that puts all of us in danger.

Apparently, according to Comodo a new Malware Ransomware is posing as a Windows update called "Fantom". Comodo researchers posted a blog that reads;

Fantom, a new ransomware discovered recently, strikes disguised as a legitimate Microsoft Windows update. Thus it tricks users into downloading it, thereby paving the way for data breach… Malware researcher Jakub Kroustek of security firm AVG has discovered this rather sophisticated malware.

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It presents itself as "WindowsUpdate.exe" and uses a typical Windows Update screen.

Kaspersky is reporting on this here giving the following tips:

  • - Back up your data regularly and keep backup copies of your files on a disconnected external drive. Having a backup means you will be able to restore your system and files even if your PC gets infected. Kaspersky Total Security‘s backup feature automates this process, by the way. Be cautious: Don’t open suspicious e-mail attachments, stay away from murky websites, and don’t click on dubious online ads. Fantom, like any malware, may use any of these attack vectors to infiltrate your system.
  • - Use a robust security solution: For example, Kaspersky Internet Security already detects Fantom as Trojan-Ransom.MSIL.Tear.wbf or PDM:Trojan.Win32.Generic. And even if a yet-unknown sample of ransomware bypassed the antivirus engine, the System Watcher feature, which monitors suspicious behavior, would block it.

This is just a heads up. Be careful out there.