Bernanke: “Eventually Governments Will Take Any Action They Need to Prevent Bitcoin”

Terminally Ill Man Borrows over $300,000 to Invest in Bitcoin, is a Millionaire Now

Bitfinex is Closing All of its Services in the US

Putin’s Russia Will Regulate Bitcoin with Control Over Supply & Mining

Ryan Scott, Online Marketing Pioneer, Super Angel Investor, and Philanthropist, Joins Karma’s Dream Team Advisory Board

Signaling Growing Bitcoin Acceptance, Colombia Gets Second Cryptocurrency Conference

Russia announces release of KryptoRubel

South Korean Government Investigates Latest Bithumb Hack

The CEO of America’s biggest bank says Bitcoin is a fraud – Only for murderers, drug dealers and people living in Venezuela or North Korea

Julian Assange Thanks U.S. Government for 50,000% Gains on Wikileaks’ Bitcoin Holdings

As India’s Government Wars Against Cash, Bitcoin is Sought in Exchange

Litecoin Has Climbed More Than 100% In The Last Month

TradeRoute Went Down Following a Major Security Leak

Research Shows Half a Billion People Are Mining Cryptocurrencies Without Knowing It

Fork Yourself: Simple instructions to prepare for the upcoming forks


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