Hacker transfers $500,000 from an American bank to a company in Dubai

Uncertainty Dominates as China Continues to Clamp Down on Cryptocurrency

BitClave CEO Alex Bessonov Discusses the Need for Decentralized Search Platforms

Max Keiser on Bitcoin Price Hitting $6,000 as it Recovers From China Ban

Survey: Younger Americans More Likely to Invest in Bitcoin

JPMorgan handles bitcoin-related trades for clients despite CEO warning

Users Unknowingly Donate CPUs for The Pirate Bay’s Trial of Monero Mining

New Bitcoin World Order: Evil Globalist Rothschild Investment Corporation Becomes Bitcoin Stakeholder

Racially Segregated ‘Whites-only’ Micronation Seeks Digital Currency

Banker: ‘I am Scared for the Banking Industry…Bitcoin could Knock Banks out of the Game’

How to Invest in a Decentralized Economy?

Australian-born Michael Dunworth, CEO of Silicon Valley-based blockchain Wyre, has said that financial advisors should invest in Bitcoin to understand the currency better in the decentralized economy.

SinglePoint to create bitcoin payments solution with First Bitcoin Capital for cannabis industry

Peach Becomes Japan’s First Airline to Jump Aboard & Accept Bitcoin

Forbes Encourages Readers to Buy Bitcoin at All-Time Highs

This high school dropout who invested in bitcoin at $12 is now a millionaire at 18


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