Court Ruling Grants the IRS Personal Data of 14,000 Coinbase Users

When Stock Market Crashes, Bitcoin will be a Safe Haven According to Experts

Bitcoin in India Selling at a Premium as Local Exchanges Operate at Full Capacity

Local Bitcoin exchanges in India are experiencing significantly high volumes of trading and new sign-ups as the cryptocurrency gains media attention and trades at premium prices.

The Motley Fool: Bitcoin’s Biggest Competition Is Litecoin

Experts Answer Question: “How Did Bitcoin Reach $10,000?”

Nasdaq Just Announced it is about to Launch Bitcoin Futures Contracts in 2018

Crypto Corrupts the Youth? South Korea Prime Minister Says So

US Department of Defense Submits Blockchain Proposal for Approval

The US Department of Defense has submitted the National Defense Authorization Act to President Donald Trump to be approved and signed into law.

Coinbase Obtains Partial Victory Over IRS

Bitcoin Revolution and The Great Central Bank Divide

Coinbase VP: Bitcoin Price Volatility Will Decrease With Institutional Capital

Bitcoin crushing US dollar & governments can do nothing to stop it

John McAfee Ups His 2020 Prediction to $1,000,000/BTC

John McAfee is at it again. He's doubled his 2020 price prediction to an astounding $1 million. Oh, and the forfeit if it doesn't remains the same...

Bitcoin Price Drops Below 9500 in Flash Crash

After setting up an all-time high near 11,300-fiat mark, Bitcoin price dubiously ditched the uptrend and fell towards lower 9000s.

Bitcoin is an Economic Miracle: Cambridge Professor


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