Mainstream Media Utterly Ignores Positive Bitcoin Trend Once Again

Now that the Bitcoin price is rising again, mainstream media outlets remain tightlipped on this significant change. For some reason, they refuse to report on Bitcoin price increases until the value goes down once again. The lack of education and unwillingness to learn by mainstream media outlets shines through once again.

Blockchain Entertainment: ‘Singular’ To Become First TV Series On Ethereum Adventures

Production of ‘Singular’, the first sci-fi TV series on the Ethereum Blockchain that targets sci-fi and cyberpunk enthusiasts as well as people from all other walks of life, cultures and countries, will start on October 3.

Bitcoin Price Watch; Looking Ahead to the Weekend

Central Banks Can't Ignore Blockchain's Obvious Lure

We all know that virtual currency resides on the blockchain. But what about regular currency? It may be just a matter of time before blockchain money is a reality. Pragmatism and (ironically) central bankers may propel it.

Chain CEO Urges Central Bankers To "Run" Towards Blockchain

Bitcoin’s best funded startup offers marketplace for user collected data

21 Inc. is a privately-held bitcoin hardware company that launched in May 2015, having raised over $121 million in venture capital, more than any other company in the bitcoin space to date. The company's stated goal is “putting a bitcoin miner in every device and in every hand.”

Censorship-Free Social Network AKASHA Aims to Tackle Internet Censorship With Blockchain Technology

How To Trade & Invest In Bitcoin – Trader & Investor Summit

A commercial

Here's a new commercial for

Bitcoin Price Soars as Chinese Investors Look for Safe Haven From Devaluation and Capital Controls

New Spanish Payment Platform Bitnovo Allows Customers to Access Funds Directly from Their Bitcoin Wallet Using Debit Card

Bitcoin Press Release: Spanish Bitcoin payment platform Bitnovo is now offering multiple payment options including Bitcoin charged debit cards that can be used at all retailers and ATMs that accepts MasterCard.

The Five Most Useful Properties of Bitcoin

Bitcoin has received plenty of hype as the money of the future over the past few years, but what are the properties of this digital asset that set it apart from everything else on the market? What are the features of Bitcoin that get people to use it in the first place?

Russia Plans To Introduce Its Own Cryptocurrency

Russia plans to introduce its own cryptocurrency, while outlawing the use of all others, local media reported Friday, citing Federal Financial Monitoring Service (Rosfinmonitoring) Deputy Director Pavel Livadny.

Bitcoin price jumps 21 percent over 4 days, reaching a 21-month high

Bitcoin is back! Or at least, there are positive signs indicating that bitcoin might not be as dead as everybody thought.


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