Six Fraudsters Arrested in Darknet Carding Scheme

US shuts down ‘fast-moving’ ICO fraud

NEO Founder Shrugs at Bitcoin Bubble; Says “It’s Okay” and Will Come Back Bigger if it Bursts

Da Hongfei, NEO's founder, appreciates all the attention cryptocurrencies have been receiving as a result of Bitcoin's rise, even if it turns out to be a bubble.

Russian Govt. Moves Ahead With Blockchain-Based Local Voting System

The Moscow government applies DLT to local voting system; makes project code open-source on GitHub.

Katy Perry Talks Bitcoin with Warren Buffett, Tells 175 Million Followers About it

Bittrexed? Bittrex Locks, Freezes Withdrawals for Thousands

UK and EU Governments Crackdown on Growing Criminal Bitcoin Use

Billionaire Mark Cuban Says Futures Contracts Are a “Positive” for Bitcoin

Bitfinex Vs. Bitfinex'ed, Lawsuit Expected as Tethers Case Thickens

The very critical Twitter account of Bitfinex'ed has drawn in the fury of the most active Bitcoin exchange, and a lawsuit may be in the cards.

Bitcoin Exchanges Are Favorite Targets of Global DDoS Attacks: Report

PayPal's Max Levchin: Blockchain Is 'Brilliant' But I'm Undecided on Bitcoin

Max Levchin, co-founder of PayPal, has revealed that he is a big fan of blockchain technology, but is still making up his mind on bitcoin.


Loveable Digital Kittens Are Clogging Ethereum's Blockchain

French Central Bankster: Bitcoin Just a Speculative Object

Marxist Joseph Stiglitz Calls For The Use Of Violence Against Peaceful Bitcoin Users On State Propaganda TV

Bitcoin Network Faces an 18% Increase in Mining Difficulty

Coinsource Installs 20 New Bitcoin ATMs in Georgia

Bitcoin RIP: Cryptocurrency ‘Dies’ 200th Time, Just As Price Hits $11k

The Winklevoss twins are now Bitcoin billionaires

From an $11 million investment in 2013

4 more cryptocurrency exchanges get greenlight to operate in Japan

Polychain Capital CEO: Bitcoin Is a 'Breakthrough Technology'


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