Ethereum to Put Its Foot on the Gas

A new version of a protocol called TrueBit will be released this month in an effort to remove this gas limitation on Ethereum network.

Indonesia’s Central Bank is Planning to Ban Bitcoin in 2018: Report

Belarus Government To Legalize Cryptocurrency

The Belarus Government Adopts Cryptocurrency

Forget Token Sales? The Father of the ICO Is All About Identity Now

UK Treasury Plans Tighter Regulation of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

US Politicians Face Dilemma on How to Handle Bitcoin Futures Trading

Kenyan Police Arrest Bitcoin Traders Due to Alleged Banking Fraud

Venezuela Seeks to Launch Crypto Backed by Oil, Gold and Diamonds

Sony Patent Filing Details Blockchain Use for Managing Education Data

Dutch Columnist: Bitcoin Destabilizes the Economy and Undermines Banks

China was Right to Shut Down Bitcoin Exchanges & ICOs: PBoC Official

Tesla Vehicles Eyed as Energy Source to Mine Cryptos

A Tesla Model S owner is using his electric vehicle to mine cryptocurrencies.

Craigslist No More: Meet Rentberry’s Blockchain Based Long Term Rentals Solution

Bitcoin Breakout: Price Spikes $500 in One Hour to Top $11.5k

Goldman Sachs Questions All the Bitcoin Haters

Want to Pay With Bitcoin? Be Prepared to Pay Extra for the Privilege

The White House is monitoring Bitcoin via Homeland Security – Secretary Sanders

The White House keeps an eye on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Turkey’s central bank admits Bitcoin is a threat to the global banking system

Moscow Stock Exchange to List Bitcoin Futures Despite ban by Central Bank

Whether or not the central bank and the government will see it that way, is a different matter entirely.

Bitcoin’s Journey from $1,000 to $10,000: The Stories That Got Us Here


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