RarePepes: Magic Bitcoin Digital Trading Cards

Trading cards, a hobby that goes back centuries, have now found their way onto the Bitcoin blockchain in the form of RarePepes.

Poland Officially Recognizes Trading in Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

Dash Releases Software Upgrade in Sweeping Redesign

Monero Prices Are Forging Closer Ties to Bitcoin

The price of monero appears to be developing a closer relationship with bitcoin, the world's largest digital currency.

Over the last six weeks, the two cryptocurrencies have displayed a correlation of 0.89, though it recent days this figure has edged higher.

Nigeria Warns Banks on the Rise of Altcoins

The Central Bank of Nigeria has issued a notice to financial institutions in the country, including banks, warning them of virtual currency transactions while effectively barring them from holding any reserves of virtual currencies.

Altcoins Reap Bitcoin’s Recent Gains

Bitcoin’s recent price gains have spread to other cryptocurrencies and altcoins, according to Charles Hayter, chief executive officer and founder of CryptoCompare, which provides data on cryptocurrencies, 


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