The Race Towards Truly Anonymous Cryptocurrency Is On

Anonymous cryptocurrency is in demand, and there are concerted efforts on multiple fronts to make it a reality.

An Anonymous group just took down a fifth of the dark web due to child pornography

In the message, the group offers to sell the compromised data back to Freedom Hosting II in exchange for 0.1 bitcoin, or just over $100, although it is unclear whether the offer is in earnest.

Could Monero Become Bitcoin’s Anonymizing ‘Appcoin’?

Monero’s stratospheric rise in value, darknet market acceptance and positive outlook mean this year could see it become Bitcoin’s de facto ‘appcoin.’

Someone Anonymously Donated 38 Bitcoins ($23,000) to African Clean Water Project

Good deeds are coming from good folks holding Bitcoin. Just recently on a Reddit post, folks from the charity based in Africa - The Water Project - has informed people that an Anonymous donor has given 38 Bitcoins ($23,000) to help their project in providing clean water.

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