Crypto to Take Center Stage at G20 – “Need to See How We Can Regulate Bitcoin”

JP Morgan CEO who said only criminals use bitcoins is accused by a Senator of illegal activities. He responds by smiling and saying, “So hit me with a fine. We can afford it"

British Regulator Issues “Serious Warning” For Bitcoin Investors

Anyone investing in Bitcoin should be prepared to lose all their money, says the UK’s chief regulator.

‘I Remain Highly Skeptical’: Jamie Dimon Breaks Silence on Bitcoin as Futures Launch

This noted bitcoin-basher has not changed his outlook.

Deutsche Bank: Bitcoin is One of the Greatest Market Threats in 2018

Wall Street Banks Revolt Against Bitcoin Futures Contracts Launch

French Central Bankster: Bitcoin Just a Speculative Object

Soros' Ally US Treasury Secretary: We're Looking 'Carefully' at Illicit Uses of Bitcoin

British Banks Are Shunning Bitcoin Companies

Brazil Central Bank Chief Compares Bitcoin to Pyramid Scheme

Bernanke: “Eventually Governments Will Take Any Action They Need to Prevent Bitcoin”

The CEO of America’s biggest bank says Bitcoin is a fraud – Only for murderers, drug dealers and people living in Venezuela or North Korea

Are Big Banks' Dark Pools Behind The Run-Up In Bank Stock Prices?

Banking Cartels Wage War Against Freedom of Speech

The points I made in my recent video "The Fire of Blockchain is Set Forth to Destroy International Banking Cartels" have been solidified. It's been recently reported that The National Westminster Bank has informed RT UK that it will no longer have the broadcaster among its clients. The bank provided no explanation for the decision.

The Fire of Blockchain is Set Forth to Destroy International Banking Cartels

Old world thinkers and their buddy banksters help keep things from ever progressing into the future. However, geniuses and blockchain technology like Bitcoin and Steemit are kicking their asses off this planet.


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