$1,700? Bitcoin’s Price is Up Even as its Tech Progress Stalls

"Honey badger don't give a shit."

Norway’s Largest Online Bank Integrates Bitcoin Accounts

Could Coders Face Civil Legal Liability When Smart Contracts Fail to Meet Legal Standards?

Bitcoin-Friendly Japan Plans a ‘Deregulated Sandbox’ for FinTech Sprint

The Japanese government is reportedly plotting a pro-innovation sandbox that will encourage FinTech startups to enter the banking industry through regulator-free trials.

Bitcoin Price Analysis: A Test of $1892 Incoming

Crypto Utopia? Defining the Greater Good in a Blockchain World

Cecile Baird and Simon Chan are founding partners of Blockchain For Good (BC4G), a think tank that aims to bring together minds from around the world to explore and debate the development of blockchain, for the greater good of humanity, society, economy and the environment.

With No Currency of Their Own, Palestinians Eye 'Bitcoin' as Alternative to Israeli Cash

Head of Palestinian 'central bank' eyes bitcoin-style digital money: 'If we print currency, we'll need clearance from the Israelis'

Traditional IRAs Are Coming to the World of Bitcoin

New consumer interest in bitcoin is trickling up into traditional retirement savings products and tax-advantaged vehicles like Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs).

eToro: Bitcoin, Ether Trading Skyrockets; Trader Sentiment Remains Bullish

Volume of bitcoin and ether traded grew 4,500 percent on eToro. The company may consider introducing other digital currencies.

Litecoin Has Now Deployed Segregated Witness

Bitcoin's Scaling Debate: The View From China's Miners

Dr Paul Ennis is a research assistant at The Centre for Innovation, Technology & Organization at University College Dublin, specializing in bitcoin and blockchain studies.

In this feature piece, Dr Ennis investigates the daily activities and political attitudes of China's well-established bitcoin mining sector, positioning his findings within the context of the network's scaling debate.

Bitcoin Ransomware Makes Global IT Infrastructure “WannaCry”

A Bitcoin ransomware named "WannaCry" has caused widespread panic across the world, thanks to outdated software which turned the computers vulnerable. 

It's Raining Altcoins!!! Keep up with it by the second with our 24/7 News Aggregate!

It's Raining Altcoins!!! Keep up with it by the second with our 24/7 News Aggregate!

Mirai, The Infamous Internet of Things Army, Can Now Mine Bitcoin

Remember that Internet of Things botnet? The one known for temporarily shutting down a number of the world's largest websites last autumn?

Bitcoin Miners Signal Revolt Amid Sluggish Blockchain

You may not know it by looking at bitcoin’s recent price surge, but the infrastructure underpinning the world’s most popular virtual currency is teetering.


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