Japan's Internet Giant, GMO Gets into Bitcoin Wallet Market

Trump's 'Acting' CFTC Chair Details Vision for Blockchain Regulation

Donald Trump hasn't even formally appointed CFTC commissioner Chris Giancarlo as chairman yet, and he's already appropriated the president-elect's slogan: "Making Market Reform Work for America."

Bankers Praise Bitcoin (Not for the Reasons You Think)

Finance industry experts say it's too soon to write off virtual currencies.

Questions Linger As China's Bitcoin Exchanges Halt Margin Trading

Huobi and OKCoin, two of the world's largest bitcoin exchange businesses by volume, have formally announced they have halted margin trading services.

Bitcoin Is Preparing a Run to $1000

In our last column we speculated that bitcoin price was going to $930.  It didn’t quite get there. It hit $920 and corrected there.  As I have held onto the belief that we are still in a corrective phase to the massive rally to 1150, I was thinking that 920 might be the end of the current rally.  But the asset is showing signs that another move higher is on the menu


Washington Proposes Confusing Bitcoin Amendment to Legal Marijuana

Nigeria Warns Banks on the Rise of Altcoins

The Central Bank of Nigeria has issued a notice to financial institutions in the country, including banks, warning them of virtual currency transactions while effectively barring them from holding any reserves of virtual currencies.

Daily Kos Gets Bitcoin Wrong

The progressive website Daily Kos, which focuses mainly on political issues rather than financial, took time out of their 24-7 coverage of the slow-moving train wreck that is the impending Trump presidency to weigh in on the viability of Bitcoin.

Is Warren Buffett Wrong About Bitcoin?

The future of the cryptocurrency industry is still clouded with doubt since Warren Buffett (TradesPortfolio) has been one of the biggest critics of the market. Bitcoin is, by far, the leading unit in the cryptocurrency market and based on Buffett's comments over time, it is fair to say the legendary investor does not value it at all, let alone imagine a bright future ahead.

German TV Calls Bitcoin ‘Digital Gold’

Well known publicly owned German TV channel, Das Erste, recently aired a full feature report on the digital currency bitcoin, referring to it as ‘digital gold.’

Why Bitcoin Is Close to a Record-Breaking 3 Exahashes Of Processing Power

The bitcoin hash rate currently nears 3 exahashes, representing an all-time high for the processing power of the Bitcoin network. 

Does Satoshi’s Libertarian Statements from the Past Matter Anymore?

Bitcoin is a revolutionary experiment that may disrupt the world’s financial markets and society’s norms in more ways than one.

Bloomberg: High-Speed Traders Are Taking Over Bitcoin

  • Cryptocurreny offers fragmented market, zero transaction fees

  • Risks include hacking thefts, Chinese government crackdown

Gold and Bitcoin Form Symbiotic Relationship

“I had to change my thought process to understand that bitcoin is no enemy of gold and silver,” says monetary expert Andy Hoffman, who writes for the precious metals website Miles Franklin. “When bitcoin hit price parity with gold in 2013, I was angry. I knew nothing about it. I assumed it was like the Federal Reserve. That, instead of 21 million coins, there could be 21 trillion coins at someone’s whim”. Today, Mr. Hoffman regularly covers bitcoin and calls gold and the digital currency “natural allies.”

The rise (and probable fall) of bitcoin

A sign in the Netherlands stating that bitcoins are accepted in this cafe as of 2013


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