Video: "If you don't think Bitcoin is going to be attacked, you've misunderstood what this is about." - Andreas Antonopoulos

Famed Short Seller ‘Pounding the Table’ on Bitcoin Investment Trust


“Fake Satoshi” Dorian Nakamoto is Probably $273,000 Richer After Selling His Bitcoins

Why Cryptocurrency Beginners Should Invest In Bitcoin Instead Of Bitcoin Cash

This Lightning Network Designer Is Re-Inventing Bitcoin Smart Contracts's CTO Emil Oldenburg Betrays Bitcoin: “I’ve Switched to Bitcoin Cash”


Bitcoin Isn’t a Credible Currency Yet, Says Japan’s Finance Minister

NY Times - The Bitcoin Boom: In Code We Trust

BitPay Now Charges Two Fees to Complete Bitcoin Transactions

Bitcoin Isn’t a Currency, Won’t Be Regulated: South Korean Financial Regulator

South Korea’s primary financial regulator and watchdog has ruled out regulating bitcoin trading in the country.

Cigars to Bitcoin: Company Makes Massive Shift into Bitcoin Mining

Companies Buying Bitcoin to Pay off Hackers in Future Attacks

Kirill Tatarinov, Citrix's CEO, revealed that companies are stocking up on Bitcoin to pay their ransomers in case they get infected with ransomware.

Several South Korean Banks May Close Down The Accounts of Bitcoin Traders

Regulating Cryptocurrencies–and Why It Matters

Bitcoin on the Agenda for Iranian Lawmakers

The Iranian government are preparing to meet and discuss Bitcoin. Local news sources are not optimistic about the outcome.


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