Hedge Fund Pro Bill Miller: 'Just About 50 Percent' Invested in Bitcoin

EU Establishes New Rules for Cryptocurrency Exchanges to Reduce Illicit Activities

The European Union's governing body came to an agreement on new rules that will affect cryptocurrency operators in the region.

Majority of Bitcoin Investors Believe Cryptocurrency Performs Even Better in 2018: Survey

13 Ways to Earn Bitcoin Online (Video)

Bought Your First Bitcoin or Ether? Brace for the Fees

Ukraine Security Service Allegedly Raid ForkLog, Confiscate Tech and Funds

Brainwallet: The Bitcoin Wallet That’s All in Your Head

Official: CME Bitcoin Futures Exchange is Live, Inflow of $10 Billion Expected


Bitcoin lottery launches in Ireland

First jackpot of 1,000 bitcoins, currently valued at €14.2 million, kicks off on Monday

Analyst who predicted bitcoin's rise now sees it hitting $300,000-$400,000

Crypto to Take Center Stage at G20 – “Need to See How We Can Regulate Bitcoin”

Bitcoin almost Tops list of Google Search Terms for 2017

Prominent Financial Analyst Explains Why Bitcoin is Not a Bubble

Using Bitcoin as Loan Collateral

Garzik Forks UnitedBitcoin Away from "Maximalists" to Support Altcoin Communities


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