PayPal's Wences Casares: 'I Can Imagine A World In Which Bitcoin Becomes A Global Standard Of Value'

Metropolitan Bank Ceases Cryptocurrency-Related International Wires

Vladimir Putin: It is Imperative to Regulate Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

Looking for the Next Big Bitcoin Mining Hub? Try Canada

Bitcoin ATM in Israel Shuts Down Due to Demand Overload

Insane South Korean Banks Reverse Decisions on Cryptocurrency Accounts

Watch This Mesmerizing Video of One Year’s Development in Bitcoin Core

Whistleblower Details Big Bank’s Plans to Prohibit Employees Owning Bitcoin

Exchange Problems Mount at Kraken and Coinbase but Bitfinex Reopens Registrations for 10k+ Deposits

Former Customers Sue Crypto Exchange Vircurex Over Frozen Funds

Republic Protocol announces decentralized dark pool for crypto assets

Singapore to Extend Regulatory Mandate Regarding Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Mining Boom Hits Small Town In Washington State

Chinese Bitcoin Miners Largely Unaffected by Volatility and Regulation

South Korean Police Did Not Raid Cryptocurrency Exchanges, FUD Triggers Market


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