What to Expect From Bitcoin Futures: Expert Blog

First bitcoin homes sell in the UK

Ed Casson and Oliver Hookway , from Go Homes, have sold
the first bitcoin homes in the UK. CREDIT: CASCADENEWS.CO.UK

Divorce is Messy – Especially When You Own Bitcoin

Hong Kong Investors Rush to Enter the Bitcoin Markets

Philanthropist Couple Donates Hundreds of Thousands in Bitcoin Gains to Cancer Research

Portugal’s Finance Minister Confident Regulators Are Overseeing Bitcoin’s Impact

Beware: North Korean Hackers Phishing Crypto Keys

2018: The Year Central Banks Begin Buying Cryptocurrency

Critics Condemn Bitcoin’s Electricity Consumption, But it’s a Nonissue

British Regulator Issues “Serious Warning” For Bitcoin Investors

Anyone investing in Bitcoin should be prepared to lose all their money, says the UK’s chief regulator.

Bitcoin Not a Threat to Financial Systems, Says US Chief Financial Regulator

Deutsche Bank Executive: Bitcoin Isn’t Going Anywhere

South Korean Cryptocurrency Exchanges to Implement Self-Regulation

Shark Tank Investor: Bitcoin an Asset But Requires Education to Avoid Disaster

Cruchbase Feels Bitcoin Lost Sight of Being a Medium of Exchange

It is evident Bitcoin is still maturing in front of our eyes. However, the currency has been around for many years.


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