South Korean Cryptocurrency Exchanges to Implement Self-Regulation

How Fear Is Being Used to Manipulate Cryptocurrency Markets

Misinformation campaigns designed to confuse investors are causing chaos.

South Korea Imposes Six Conditions for Crypto Exchanges to Operate

EU Commission Prepares Draft Tax Legislation on Digital Economy: Expert Blog

CFTC Chair: Cryptocurrencies 'Unlike Any Commodity' Agency Has Seen

Security Expert Warns That Cryptocurrency Hacking Will Intensify Next Year

Lee Chen, A10 Networks' CEO, said in an interview today that we could expect the frequency of cyber attacks in the cryptocurrency space "to continue to increase in 2018."

Regal Assets Launches its Long-Awaited Crypto IRA to Service US Retirement Accounts

Romanian Minister Wants to Regulate Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

Ilan Laufer, Romanian Minister of Business, Commerce, and Entrepreneurship Environment, says that Bitcoin is a challenge for the banking system and regulation might be a solution.

Craigslist Now Includes a “Cryptocurrency OK” Option in Their Classifieds

Recent posts coming from Reddit show that Craigslist now allows users to post classified ads that accept cryptocurrencies.

Why the Price of Ethereum has Risen Over 5,000 percent During 2017

Bank of America Wins Patent for Crypto Exchange System

Russian Presidential Candidate: ‘We Will Legalize Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies’

Forget Token Sales? The Father of the ICO Is All About Identity Now

UK Treasury Plans Tighter Regulation of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Venezuela Seeks to Launch Crypto Backed by Oil, Gold and Diamonds

Tim Draper: Cryptocurrencies to Replace the Fiat System in Five Years

MIT Media Lab Director: ICOs Are 'Attracting the Wrong People'

Kenyan Miner Describes Cryptocurrency As “Biggest Wealth-Distribution System Ever”

Deutsche Bank: End of Fiat - Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies Could Replace

Turkish Central Bank President: “Cryptocurrencies May Contribute to Financial Stability”


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