Fintech and Crypto Regulations Expected to Pass in Mexico on December 15th

Bitcoin ‘Definitely Not a Fraud’: Fintech Startup Revolut CEO

Bank of Japan Fintech Head: Don’t Expect Central Banks to Lead DLT

While central banks around the world are taking an active interest in blockchain and digital ledger technology (DLT), we shouldn't expect the institutions that manage money supplies to lead their development.

Bitcoin-Friendly Japan Plans a ‘Deregulated Sandbox’ for FinTech Sprint

The Japanese government is reportedly plotting a pro-innovation sandbox that will encourage FinTech startups to enter the banking industry through regulator-free trials.

Does Sweden See an Opening with Brexit to Boost FinTech?

Since the announcement of Brexit many European countries have been attempting to benefit from the U.K.’s eventual removal from the EU. The latest country that could profit is Sweden, which is working to attract more FinTech investment.

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