Investors Dumping Gold For Bitcoin?

$10k in Bitcoin for 10 Years? Ron Paul Fans Pick Crypto Over Gold

German TV Calls Bitcoin ‘Digital Gold’

Well known publicly owned German TV channel, Das Erste, recently aired a full feature report on the digital currency bitcoin, referring to it as ‘digital gold.’

Gold and Bitcoin Form Symbiotic Relationship

“I had to change my thought process to understand that bitcoin is no enemy of gold and silver,” says monetary expert Andy Hoffman, who writes for the precious metals website Miles Franklin. “When bitcoin hit price parity with gold in 2013, I was angry. I knew nothing about it. I assumed it was like the Federal Reserve. That, instead of 21 million coins, there could be 21 trillion coins at someone’s whim”. Today, Mr. Hoffman regularly covers bitcoin and calls gold and the digital currency “natural allies.”

MSM: Bitcoin gains validity as digital gold after Brexit vote

Hard-working Britons with their life savings stashed in British pounds woke up Friday morning about 8 percent poorer after their country voted to leave the European Union.

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