John McAfee Joins ‘Hackproof’ Startup CryptoSecure

Buterin Presents Blockchain Scaling Solution That Could Make Exchanges ‘Hack Resistant’

Hackers Hijack Tesla’s Cloud to Mine Cryptocurrency

23% Of Organizations Globally Affected By Crypto-Mining Malware, Says Cybersecurity Firm

Hackers Hijack Giant Advertising Screen and Repurpose it for Bitcoin Mining

Hackers Now Use Android Phones and Smart TVs to Mine Cryptocurrency

Scammers Pretend to be Elon Musk, Donald Trump, Vitalik Buterin on Twitter to Steal Bitcoin

Evrial Trojan Strips and Swaps Bitcoin, Monero, and Litecoin Address from Windows Clipboard

Fake Cryptocurrency App Lures Victims Into Installing Ransomware

Crypto-mining site NiceHash has a new CEO following hack

Marko Kobal is out after hackers stole $63 million

NiceHash Resumes Operations Post-Hack


Cloud mining service returns after cyber-attack; currently working on some quick fixes, and has promised users compensation for damages.

South Korean Cryptocurrency Exchange Hacked By North Korea

The leading intelligence agency in South Korea has information that led them to believe North Korean hackers were responsible for attacking an exchange based in the South of the region.

“The number of cybercrimes in Russia has increased six fold, reaching $18 million in damage”

Security Expert Warns That Cryptocurrency Hacking Will Intensify Next Year

Lee Chen, A10 Networks' CEO, said in an interview today that we could expect the frequency of cyber attacks in the cryptocurrency space "to continue to increase in 2018."

Video: Nicehash Gives A Video Update On Their Recent $64 Million Plus Bitcoin Mining Hack


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