Security Expert Warns That Cryptocurrency Hacking Will Intensify Next Year

Lee Chen, A10 Networks' CEO, said in an interview today that we could expect the frequency of cyber attacks in the cryptocurrency space "to continue to increase in 2018."

Video: Nicehash Gives A Video Update On Their Recent $64 Million Plus Bitcoin Mining Hack

Update: Nicehash releases official press release - they were hacked

Bitcoin Exchanges Are Favorite Targets of Global DDoS Attacks: Report

Bitcoin Gold Site Down Following DDoS Attack

A hotel had to pay a bitcoin ransom after hackers hijacked its key system

The electronic key system of an Austrian hotel was compromised by hackers, forcing managers to pay a bitcoin ransom in order to recover it.

Bitcoin Plunges After Hacking of Exchange in Hong Kong

The digital currency Bitcoin plunged on Wednesday after Bitfinex, an exchange based in Hong Kong, said it had been hacked and funds stolen.

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