Charlie Lee: Japan and South Korea Regulations Good For Bitcoin

Deutsche Bank Says Japan's Retail Investors Are Behind Bitcoin's Surge

Japan Remains Leader in Buying Up Bitcoin

Japan remains one country with an undoubtedly positive attitude to Bitcoin, both from regulators and investors, believing the current price is risky, but justified and not yet in bubble territory.

Mt Gox Creditors Want Bitcoin Exchange Taken Out of Bankruptcy

Japanese Internet Giant GMO Offers to Pay 4700+ Employees in Bitcoin

10 Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Tokyo Police Unite to Fight Cyber Crime

4 more cryptocurrency exchanges get greenlight to operate in Japan

Sony Patent Filing Details Blockchain Use for Managing Education Data

Japan's BitFlyer Launches Bitcoin Exchange in US Market

Japan’s Legalization of Bitcoin Led to Rapid Surge in Mainstream Adoption

Japan’s Financial Authority Clarifies Stance on Initial Coin Offerings

Bitcoin gets official blessing in Japan

Peach Becomes Japan’s First Airline to Jump Aboard & Accept Bitcoin

Bank of Japan Fintech Head: Don’t Expect Central Banks to Lead DLT

While central banks around the world are taking an active interest in blockchain and digital ledger technology (DLT), we shouldn't expect the institutions that manage money supplies to lead their development.

Bitcoin-Friendly Japan Plans a ‘Deregulated Sandbox’ for FinTech Sprint

The Japanese government is reportedly plotting a pro-innovation sandbox that will encourage FinTech startups to enter the banking industry through regulator-free trials.

eToro: Bitcoin, Ether Trading Skyrockets; Trader Sentiment Remains Bullish

Volume of bitcoin and ether traded grew 4,500 percent on eToro. The company may consider introducing other digital currencies.

How Japan’s New Regulations Affect Bitcoin Exchanges

Japan has recently overtaken the US and China as the highest-volume country for bitcoin trading in the world. In April, the first Japanese bill with provisions for digital currencies including bitcoin will enter into force. It will recognize bitcoin as a method of payment, but at the same time, it will impose regulations on bitcoin exchange service providers.

Japan Has Become a Big Player Within the Bitcoin Economy

Over the past year, Japan has been laser focused on digital currency and blockchain solutions.

Japan's Internet Giant, GMO Gets into Bitcoin Wallet Market

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