Georgia Judge Sentences Russian Hacker to 14 Years in Prison

Bitcoiners Increasingly Targeted by Police as Prices Yield Large Forfeiture Gains

Bitfinex Vs. Bitfinex'ed, Lawsuit Expected as Tethers Case Thickens

The very critical Twitter account of Bitfinex'ed has drawn in the fury of the most active Bitcoin exchange, and a lawsuit may be in the cards.

Russian Minister: Russia Will ‘Never’ Consider Bitcoin as a Legal Entity

Major U.S. Blockchain Bill Headed to President Trump to Be Signed Into Law

LocalBitcoins Trader Charged for Running Unlicensed Bitcoin Exchange

“Free Ross” Account Glitch Latest Symptom of Coinbase Woes

Ross Ulbricht's Appeal Rejected, Judges Blast Drug Policy

US Judges uphold Ross Ulbricht’s life sentence Reuters reported on May 31, as the self-confessed mastermind of the infamous Silk Road deep web marketplace lost an appeal to overturn his conviction.

Coinbase CEO: IRS Battle Could Cost Startup $1 Million

Digital currency exchange Coinbase has issued new comments in its ongoing dispute with the IRS.

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