Users Unknowingly Donate CPUs for The Pirate Bay’s Trial of Monero Mining

Drugs, Code and ICOs: Monero's Long Road to the Blockchain Mainstream

If monero was the top-performing cryptocurrency of 2016, don't tell that to the blockchain project's outspoken maintainer.

Could Monero Become Bitcoin’s Anonymizing ‘Appcoin’?

Monero’s stratospheric rise in value, darknet market acceptance and positive outlook mean this year could see it become Bitcoin’s de facto ‘appcoin.’

Monero Prices Are Forging Closer Ties to Bitcoin

The price of monero appears to be developing a closer relationship with bitcoin, the world's largest digital currency.

Over the last six weeks, the two cryptocurrencies have displayed a correlation of 0.89, though it recent days this figure has edged higher.

Kraken Includes Support for Monero Cryptocurrency

Kraken, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges now supports Monero trading. Read more...

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