Collapse: All paper currencies are doomed, Marc Faber says

All paper currencies are "doomed" thanks to central bank policies around the world, said Marc Faber, editor of the Gloom, Boom & Doom Report.

New Records in LocalBitcoins Volumes in Several Countries - Volume in Norway Almost Doubles After Brexit

LocalBitcoins volumes are spiking again in several countries: China, Malaysia, New Zealand and Norway saw new records for the week ending 2016-06-25. While other countries like Australia and Hong Kong showed the highest volumes since the begging of 2016. 

MSM: Bitcoin gains validity as digital gold after Brexit vote

Hard-working Britons with their life savings stashed in British pounds woke up Friday morning about 8 percent poorer after their country voted to leave the European Union.

The Bitcoin Halving Approaches: Miners BitFury and BTCC Not Concerned

As Global Currencies Plunge Over Brexit, Investors Turn to Bitcoin

Global currencies might be plunging in the wake of the historic Brexit vote, but it’s had a much different effect on Bitcoin.

Video: MSM analyst "Bitcoin may be the new safe-haven"

An analyst at ARK Invest says the cryptocurrency shares similar characteristics as gold, making it a great store of value.

Block Reward Halving to Bring $3,000 Per Bitcoin?! - Trace Mayer Interview

This is a few days old but it's good!

Mainstream Media Utterly Ignores Positive Bitcoin Trend Once Again

Now that the Bitcoin price is rising again, mainstream media outlets remain tightlipped on this significant change. For some reason, they refuse to report on Bitcoin price increases until the value goes down once again. The lack of education and unwillingness to learn by mainstream media outlets shines through once again.

Blockchain Entertainment: ‘Singular’ To Become First TV Series On Ethereum Adventures

Production of ‘Singular’, the first sci-fi TV series on the Ethereum Blockchain that targets sci-fi and cyberpunk enthusiasts as well as people from all other walks of life, cultures and countries, will start on October 3.

Bitcoin Price Watch; Looking Ahead to the Weekend

Central Banks Can't Ignore Blockchain's Obvious Lure

We all know that virtual currency resides on the blockchain. But what about regular currency? It may be just a matter of time before blockchain money is a reality. Pragmatism and (ironically) central bankers may propel it.

Chain CEO Urges Central Bankers To "Run" Towards Blockchain

Bitcoin’s best funded startup offers marketplace for user collected data

21 Inc. is a privately-held bitcoin hardware company that launched in May 2015, having raised over $121 million in venture capital, more than any other company in the bitcoin space to date. The company's stated goal is “putting a bitcoin miner in every device and in every hand.”

Censorship-Free Social Network AKASHA Aims to Tackle Internet Censorship With Blockchain Technology

How To Trade & Invest In Bitcoin – Trader & Investor Summit


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