Bitcoin Price Rings in the New Year Above $13,500 as Ripple Stumbles

Bank of England Could Issue “Bitcoin-style Digital Currency” in 2018

India Falsely Condemns Bitcoin as Ponzi Scheme, Flawed Logic


“Speed: Instant. Fee: Zero. Future: Almost Here.”

Bitcoin Will Give Japan's Economy a Substantial Boost

Ark Chief Catherine Wood: Bitcoin is a “Bigger Idea than Apple”

Verge (XVG) Hits Alt Coin Trader Radars

Plasma Can Save Ethereum From CryptoKitty Level Congestion

Verge cryptocurrency reportedly blackmailed by John McAfee ahead of Wraith launch


Australian Bitcoin Investors Claim Banks are Shutting Down Their Accounts

Crypto-mining site NiceHash has a new CEO following hack

Marko Kobal is out after hackers stole $63 million

Just spotted in Warsaw, Poland! Translation: “DO NOT BUY MONERO - cryptocurrencies damage the banking system and can weaken the state apparatus"

South Korea Not Ruling Out ‘Shutdown’ of Bitcoin Exchanges in the Future: Govt Official

The Banksters Coin Ripple Now The Second Largest Cryptocurrency

Educate Yourself!!! "Introduction to Bitcoin" - Andreas Antonopoulos


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