South Korea Tells Two Dozen Countries and the IMF to Regulate Cryptocurrency Trading

Ebay: selling cryptocurrencies without a license?

Bank of America’s Merrill Lynch Bans Clients from Bitcoin Fund

Bitcoin Still Too Small in India to be Regulated

“Bitcoin is Un-Islamic”, says Egypt’s Grand Mufti as He Welcomes Ban

Chinese Central Bank Pushing to Curb Bitcoin Mining

Date Fixed for South Korea’s Ban on Anonymous Cryptocurrency Trade

Local South Korean media reports that the ban on anonymous crypto trading will be put into effect in mid-to-late January.

Malaysia Will Not Ban Bitcoin Trading, Confirms Finance Minister

South Korea Not Ruling Out ‘Shutdown’ of Bitcoin Exchanges in the Future: Govt Official

Korean Authority Slaps Exchanges With Licensing Requirements

Belarus Legalizing Cryptocurrency Mining, Trading and Payments

Bitcoin Isn’t a Credible Currency Yet, Says Japan’s Finance Minister

Bitcoin Isn’t a Currency, Won’t Be Regulated: South Korean Financial Regulator

South Korea’s primary financial regulator and watchdog has ruled out regulating bitcoin trading in the country.

Several South Korean Banks May Close Down The Accounts of Bitcoin Traders

Regulating Cryptocurrencies–and Why It Matters


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