Vladimir Putin Endorses Blockchain: Russia Can’t Be ‘Late In The Race’

Russian Engineers Arrested For Mining Bitcoin At Federal Nuclear Center

Moscow Exchange Ready for “Fast and Easy” Crypto Trading

Russian Businessman Buys Power Plants For Cryptocurrency Mining

Vladimir Putin: It is Imperative to Regulate Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

“The number of cybercrimes in Russia has increased six fold, reaching $18 million in damage”

Five Russian Cryptocurrency Projects Everyone Should Know About

Hackers Hijack Transneft Computers to Mine Monero

Russian oil pipelines operator Transneft said its computers were used for cryptocurrency mining by hackers going afterMonero tokens. The company claims it can now effectively prevent such attacks.

Putin Aide Says Bitcoin Can Help Russia Bypass Financial Sanctions

Bitcoin Will Be Legal In Russia, Mining to Be Regulated

Russian Presidential Candidate: ‘We Will Legalize Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies’

Russian Govt. Moves Ahead With Blockchain-Based Local Voting System

The Moscow government applies DLT to local voting system; makes project code open-source on GitHub.

Moscow Stock Exchange to List Bitcoin Futures Despite ban by Central Bank

Whether or not the central bank and the government will see it that way, is a different matter entirely.

Russia’s Largest Bank Pulls Off Blockchain Pilot Using IBM Platform

Russian Minister: Russia Will ‘Never’ Consider Bitcoin as a Legal Entity


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