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Survey Finds South Korean Youth the Most Active Crypto-Investors

South Korean Cryptocurrency Regulator Found Dead at His Home

New Cryptocurrency Regulations to Benefit the South Korean People (Q1 2018)

Bill Introduced to Make South Korean Officials Declare Their Crypto Investments

Impossible to Close Exchanges Say South Korean Regulators

South Korea: Military Blocked From Trading Crypto

Insane South Korean Banks Reverse Decisions on Cryptocurrency Accounts

South Korean Police Did Not Raid Cryptocurrency Exchanges, FUD Triggers Market

South Korea Tells Two Dozen Countries and the IMF to Regulate Cryptocurrency Trading

Date Fixed for South Korea’s Ban on Anonymous Cryptocurrency Trade

Local South Korean media reports that the ban on anonymous crypto trading will be put into effect in mid-to-late January.

South Korea Not Ruling Out ‘Shutdown’ of Bitcoin Exchanges in the Future: Govt Official

Something’s brewing: Japan and South Korean blockchain advocates unite

Korean Authority Slaps Exchanges With Licensing Requirements

South Korean Cryptocurrency Exchange Hacked By North Korea

The leading intelligence agency in South Korea has information that led them to believe North Korean hackers were responsible for attacking an exchange based in the South of the region.

Bitcoin Isn’t a Currency, Won’t Be Regulated: South Korean Financial Regulator

South Korea’s primary financial regulator and watchdog has ruled out regulating bitcoin trading in the country.


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