Reviews on Mining Altcoins with Genesis, Minergate, and Steemit

I've been playing around with mining altcoins and I've got some things to say about it.

So, here's a video review I've made that discusses some of that.

Mining is a lot of fun, and today it's easy for anyone to do. Here's my video.

Easy Steps for Minnows to Become Successful Using the Butterfly Effect on Steemit & Beyond (video)


My mom took me to a dog show and I won!! -Rodney Dangerfield

This is a tutorial video on how to become more successful on Steemit, and in life in general.

CryptoDrama - Coinbase Fights the IRS, Circle CEO Says Bitcoin Use to End in 5-10 Years, and Steemit Denier Calls Steemit a Ponzi Scheme

Well, aren't we in some drama queen times? A few headlines on my site DailyBitcoin.News have popped up raising eyebrows this morning - lets go over what's going on...

Beyond the Darkness: How Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Tech Will Save the World From World War III

Even if the media and the fear mongers continue to scare people to death - technology created by geniuses are saving the world, and will propel us into space to fulfill our destiny as the Human race. It's already happening. 

In this video I explain some new developments happening with Steemit, Peerhub, Watchmybit, as well as inform you of the direction that Daily Bitcoin News is heading with these videos and the website.

Daily Bitcoin News - Video Review : #Steemit

In this video I review about my experiences with

CryptoKale + DailyBitcoin.News Joins Steemit

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