UK ‘should Look At Bitcoin, Crypto Very Seriously’ – Theresa May

Tax Loophole Found For UK Crypto Profits

First bitcoin homes sell in the UK

Ed Casson and Oliver Hookway , from Go Homes, have sold
the first bitcoin homes in the UK. CREDIT: CASCADENEWS.CO.UK

British Regulator Issues “Serious Warning” For Bitcoin Investors

Anyone investing in Bitcoin should be prepared to lose all their money, says the UK’s chief regulator.

UK Government Urged to Look at Blockchain Tech for Identity Services

UK and EU Governments Crackdown on Growing Criminal Bitcoin Use

UK Treasury Plans Tighter Regulation of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

As Global Currencies Plunge Over Brexit, Investors Turn to Bitcoin

Global currencies might be plunging in the wake of the historic Brexit vote, but it’s had a much different effect on Bitcoin.

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